This Valentine's Day, think outside the box (of chocolates) and make the sweetest topper for all your festive cupcakes. These truffles might be tiny, but they'll wow any recipient.
Felicity and Krystle
Everyone always wonders what the best pastries are to buy at pâtisseries (purveyors of fancy cakes and cream-filled treats) and boulangeries (bread specialists). Which is why we deemed it necessary to create this super-fun list, along with a few tutorials for those who want to try their hand at making these baked goodies at home. Whether you go classic or creative, something very buttery and flaky awaits.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Make your favorite pie even sweeter by putting it in a chocolate crust! All you do is substitute a portion of flour that traditional pie dough recipes call for with cocoa powder. Seriously — it's that easy.
Jessie Oleson Moore
A chocolate martini is the perfect drink to bust out at your annual holiday party or family get-together. Not only is it a bit classier thanks to a dressed-up chocolate sugar rim but, well, there's a lot of chocolate throughout. And everyone could use a little more chocolate, right?
Nicole Weston
Pumpkin pie is a staple autumn dessert, but let's be honest: it could be better with chocolate. So why not satisfy your sweet tooth and keep it seasonal by combining the two?
Nicole Weston
This spooky season, celebrate with a classic Halloween staple: ghosts! The best ones are obviously made of cake (hello, you can actually eat them), and they're incredibly easy to make — even if you've never tried forming different shapes. Get ready to have a scary good time!
Wendy McGowan
This Halloween treat is sure to make your mummy proud! These fun little guys are easy to whip up and a guaranteed hit for this year's party.
Wendy McGowan
No gluten? No problem! These gluten-free chocolate dessert recipes are so delicious you won’t miss that regular ol' flour one tiny bit. And that’s a promise!
JJR shows you how to make his famous chocolate cake recipe, which happens to be vegan! Then he uses it to make adorable mini Bundt cakes, and shares decorating ideas you can try at home.
JJR shows you how to make his famous red velvet cake recipe, and then uses it to make red velvet donuts!
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