The first time I ever made latkes it was for 150 people. I was working as a caterer in a synagogue at the time, and when Hanukkah rolled around, the fry fest was ON. Like it or not, I had to go from total novice to potato pancake pro in record time, and the stakes were pretty high.
by Elizabeth Ellis
This year, why not trade the standard bottle of bubbly for a spirited gift you crafted yourself? Infused vodka is incredibly easy to make, plus it lasts for ages. Which means the party can live on long after the decorations come down.
by Nicole Weston
Chocolate bark is yummy and roasted pecans are nice, but maybe it’s time to kick things up a notch. This year, we challenge you to try something (maybe even FIVE things!) that are deliciously new for the holidays.
by Bluprint
We believe everything is better covered in caramel. Anyone want to argue? Didn't think so.
by Bluprint
Amazing but true: after you try this recipe for chocolate hazelnut butter from our class The From-Scratch Kitchen, you'll never buy a jar of Nutella again. It's honestly that good.
by Bluprint
Forget the idea that making jam is a complicated, all-day process. This recipe, taken from The From-Scratch Kitchen, is three-steps easy. Plus it's a prime candidate for fancy variations (Strawberry Pinot Noir? All the yes).
by Bluprint
Sure, onions might not leap to mind when you think of holiday gifts. But hear us out: these braised onions from Sweet & Savory Food Gifts, paired with all the all the makings of French onion soup, is a gifting game-changer.
by Bluprint
Our spin on classic cranberry chutney, from Sweet & Savory Food Gifts, takes a holiday classic way over the top with amazing layers of flavor. Think apple, pear, candied ginger... even roasted hazelnuts. That turkey (or chicken! or pork!) won't know what hit it.
by Bluprint
Want to make a crowd-pleasing appetizer for your next big party? Follow along as Beni shows you how to make spiced sweet potato skewers with tangy tahini dip. It's quick, easy and fun to eat and tastes amazing. You'll learn how to blanch and prepare pearl onions, properly cut sweet potatoes, and use them to build skewers for grilling.
Believe it or not, Beni had to audition for MasterChef Jr. by videotaping herself cooking at home. Find out how to make the same appetizer that started her MasterChef adventure: garlic shrimp with asparagus and homemade chickpea hummus. You'll learn how to blanch vegetables, properly sauté shrimp, and even make crispy chickpeas that are perfect for healthy snacking!
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