Sometimes you ask, "What's the meaning of life?" And sometimes you wonder, "Can I make marshmallow fluff from marshmallows?"
Jessie Oleson Moore
With just three simple ingredients, the grilled cheese sandwich is a symphony of flavor and texture! Chef Milo shares his secrets to master this seemingly simple trio of bread, cheese and butter. He also brings out the biggest piece of cheese you've ever seen!
It's Taco Tuesday in Chef Milo's Kitchen! The taco has endless combinations, but Chef Milo gives you the tools you'll need to nail the basics of taco construction. He also dances with Taco Guy ... you'll see.
The fluffiest, airiest, perfect homemade pancakes are easier to achieve than you think! Let Chef Milo and his time-traveling friend be your guide! Yes we said time-traveling friend.
Food.Eats.Kid. is a demonstrative cooking show for kids, fronted by Top Chef Junior finalist Milo Fleming and focused on simple foods that kids love. With a tone that's equal parts informative and absurd, our show will help kids master the basics of cooking and make them laugh with an approach that is smart, informative, and delightfully bizarre. The goals are to help kids make real foods that they aspire to cook and to make kids laugh with an approach that's totally unique.
Chef Milo
Chef Milo
Navigating your way through a well-stocked meat department can be a confusing. Fear not, your butcher is your friend! There is so much the meat department can do for you, from custom grinding meat, to deboning or tying up roasts, to trimming down a large roast into a smaller portion if you need less than what is packaged. Amanda will also share her insider tips for finding the best deals and values. Wrapping up, she'll demonstrate how to quickly pull together a batch of hearty meatballs to make and freeze ahead for the nights when you need to punt.
Ever wonder what's the difference between free-range and pasture-raised eggs, or which yogurt is the "healthiest"? Let Amanda guide you through the vast array of ingredients in the dairy department. She'll decode the differences among all those new nut milks popping up on shelves, and chat with the cheese expert to help you learn how to build a better cheese platter. She'll finish the lesson by baking easy muffin-tin frittatas that make a terrific (and portable) option for breakfast or lunch.
Weekly meal planning doesn’t have to be a drag (or a drain on your wallet)! With some smart tips and as little as 30 minutes, you can set yourself up for healthy, satisfying meals all week long. Cookbook author Amanda Haas shares her secrets for pain-free meal planning, budgeting and shopping so you can feel good about your choices and get ahead of your week.
Amanda  Haas
Amanda Haas
In this lesson, Amanda breaks down the most helpful information to know when it comes to choosing your seafood, such as the difference between farm-raised and wild-caught, and how to determine what's sustainably sourced. She shares tips on how to determine freshness, and demystifies all those different sizes of shrimp. Finally, you'll learn a ridiculously clever way to prep ahead your favorite fish and veggies.
Weekly meal planning and grocery shopping don't have to be a drag or a drain on your wallet. With a little dedicated time (just 30 minutes) you can set yourself up to shop and make healthy meals for the entire week, saving time and money while you're at it. In this lesson you'll learn Amanda’s foolproof budgeting, meal planning and shopping plan of attack. Don't worry, nobody gets hurt!
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