Pure, gooey, buttery bliss: That's the best way to describe Philadelphia butter cake. It starts with a rich, buttery yeast dough, then gets topped with a buttercream mixture thickened with flour and egg. It's baked to gooey perfection, sliced into bars, then devoured.
If you're crazy for Joshua John Russell's dark chocolate mirror glaze, you're about to do the happiest happy dance: white chocolate mirror glaze is here. The coolest part of this recipe? You can color it to make amazing marbled cakes that look just like poured paint.
One thing's for sure: You've never seen a Mother's Day cake like this! But when you’ve got a cool mom (and really, who doesn't?), she deserves an equally cool cake. Bring on the fiery drip details and vintage tattoo-inspired topper. This Mother's Day rocks.
Vintage birdcages are oh-so-pretty for flower arrangements, party decor and more. But we think they’re extra sweet when turned into cupcakes. Here’s how to make ‘em for your Mama Bird, or anybody else who makes your heart take wing:
We've never met a doughnut we didn't like. But these delicious babies are baked, gluten-free, AND get their pink color from beets. That makes them basically health food, right?!
If you've decorated a cake before, chances are you know at least one of the big three buttercreams: American, Swiss meringue and Italian meringue. But you might not know the differences between these types, or that there are SO many more you can try.
"Too many leftover cookies" isn't an issue we struggle with—pretty much ever—but it's been known to happen once every, oh, 365 days. Usually it's after we've gorged ourselves on holiday foods for a solid month, and we're staring at piles of cookies that are about to go stale faster than we can eat them. If this sounds like you too, don't throw out those leftovers! Here are 20 fun ways to use up your holiday extras, without just eating the same old cookies non-stop for weeks on end.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Decorating with sugar sheets is a blast, and you're in for a seriously exciting adventure if this is your first time. Edible sheets of paper let you run wild with your decorating ideas, creating lots of different shapes and designs and working all kinds of cake magic. (Plus, they're totally easy to master!)
Give your cakes and cookies the DIY display they deserve! With pedestals this cute, you'll be totes inspired to whip up a fresh batch of macarons or some beautifully piped cupcakes. And that's the kind of inspiration we can all definitely get behind!
Butterflies and leaves, borders and waves, pearls and alphabet letters: if you can dream it, there's a mold or mat for it!
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