If you've ever wondered what it would be like to craft alongside your mom or daughter, look no further than Christie and Isa Beniston. As the hosts of Maker Knows Best, this mother-daughter duo bonds over their shared creativity, even though it manifests in two totally different styles. We sat down with these lifelong makers to find out more about the role art has played in their relationship, and how their approaches differ when embroidering, sewing, quilting or punch-needling. (That's right, they're also versatile crafters! )
Warm up with some fast, easy drawings. Then begin with a simple sketch of something you encounter every day: breakfast! Get a feel for the first steps of creating a drawing that you can build on in future projects.
Leave preconceptions behind as you create an observational drawing of a leaf. Begin with a contour drawing, and polish and refine it before finishing with watercolor accents. After that, see how to prepare a watercolor page in your sketchbook for a later project.
Discover the calming, joyful aspects of drawing as you create a volumetric drawing of a pear. Create a meditative practice through rendering, shading and building forms as you continue your daily habit.
Strengthen your voice and move through any fears or doubts while also building your skills. Create a personal piece using drawing, tracing and collage techniques. You'll be reminded of the reasons you wanted to start a drawing practice, and be motivated to continue.
Embrace resilience and the notion of turning negatives into positives as you learn the technique of subtractive modeling. After creating a toned surface, discover how to erase or pull out graphite to create whites. Then complete your piece with contour drawing and rendering.
Every new subject has something to teach you about seeing and drawing. Patricia excavates a junk drawer for interesting items, many with hard edges and defined shapes, great for technical drawing, with a specific focus on using measurements as you work.
Unleash your creative imagination! Using a mandala as a structure, Patricia shows you how to approach drawing in an improvisational way and reconnect with creative play.
Just 20-30 minutes of drawing a day not only helps build your skills, but it also is a meditative, calming experience that can free your mind and open you up to new ideas. Join artist Patricia Watwood and start a daily drawing practice; all you need is a sketchbook and pencil. Learn observational techniques for conveying proportion, form and dimension. With each day's practice, you'll gain confidence, patience and peace as you discover the joys of drawing.
Patricia Watwood
Patricia Watwood
No matter your medium, there's a holiday-themed drawing waiting to be put down on paper. Whether you're looking for gift ideas or just want a fun, creative project with the fam, there are plenty of festive motifs and scenes to choose from. So go on and crank those Christmas tunes and start drawing!
Margie Moore
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