If you can't decide between painting and drawing, ask yourself: why choose? This mixed-media project combines the best of watercolors and colored pencils for the prettiest blooms.
Game on! In this week's episode of Bravo's Project Runway, the designers created their own video game characters — complete with an imaginary world and mission — before designing a look to match. We came away totally inspired to be our own mission masters with these fun projects. So that's exactly what we're gonna do.
When I'm out and about in the world — especially when I'm traveling — I've learned to pare down my sketching tools to the simplest array possible: two brush pens, a water brush and a sketchbook. Sometimes I'll bring along a small kit of watercolors, but usually I leave color for later. What I'm really interested in is the spur-of-the-moment opportunity to capture what what's caught my eye, without any muss or fuss. And for that, I rely heavily on my brush pens.
Kateri Ewing
Urban sketching is all about capturing the energy of the world around you, doing it quickly, and keeping it loosey goosey. That said, the best sketching isn't a total free for all; there's still plenty of technique involved. Keep these principles in mind next time you take your art to the street, then see where the mood takes you!
When you hear "colored pencils," you might tend to think about elementary school. But you're all grown up now, and so is this versatile medium. In fact, you'll be amazed at the sophisticated effects you can create once you master a few key techniques.
It's no secret that if you want to improve your art, you've gotta practice. But that doesn't have to mean repeating the same thing over and over again. In fact, the more you mix it up, the more you'll grow — we promise!
Andy Warhol summed up a generation of consumerism and launched the pop art movement with a painting of a Campbell's soup can. For this challenge, the contestants must create a piece of pop art that captures the popular culture of their time as effectively as Warhol did. Celebrity culture, music and reality TV are all fair game. This week the stakes are high, as the winning artist will receive a full page spread in Entertainment Weekly. Internationally renowned contemporary artist Rob Pruitt joins the judging panel.
For their second challenge, the artists must use parkour, a discipline in which participants overcome obstacles using only their bodies to move from point A to point B in the most creative and inventive way possible, as their inspiration. The esteemed curator and owner of Salon94 gallery in New York City, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, returns to the panel as a guest judge.
The judges take the remaining artists out of their comfort zone, to a quaint town in the Hudson Valley. The artists wander the streets, meet the locals and seek inspiration from a slower-paced lifestyle. They are instructed to create an undated version of Americana using only materials sourced from the town. Jeanne Greenberg-Rohaytn returns to the judging panel this week
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