No eggs, no dairy, no problem. This vegan banana bread has all of the flavor you crave, and it's perfect for a holiday brunch or any get-together needing to suit a wide variety of diets. Pair it with some homemade jam for an extra decadent treat.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Hearty, subtly spicy and topped with cream cheese frosting: there is so much to love about carrot cake. And while it's an Easter staple, you definitely don't need to save it for the holiday — especially when it's this easy to bake.
Jessie Oleson Moore
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It's always a good time to bake a batch of donuts, but come spring you want them to have pretty pastel vibes. Enter this gluten-free version, which gets that pink color from beets (without any beet flavor). Serve 'em for Mother's Day, Easter or even Valentine's Day and your dessert will be totally on hue.
At peak season, why mess around with strawberry-esque or strawberry-flavored recipes when you can treat your taste buds to the real deal? It may take an extra step to make these authentic beauties, but they hit all the marks: moist, delicious, fresh, flavorful. Whip 'em up for Mother's Day, Easter or any random day of the week — when a recipe's this tasty, you don't need an excuse to bake it.
Kris Galicia Brown
Create your brunch centerpiece with a baked frittata, an omelette-quiche hybrid that's healthy, crustless and oh-so-customizable. While most frittata recipes start on the stovetop, this method is even easier — just put your ingredients in a glass dish or pie pan, pop it in the oven and relax with your morning coffee.
Nicole Weston
Now that you've dyed your Easter eggs, keep the fun going by giving those cuties something to nestle in. These paper egg holders are fun, versatile and insanely simple — so it's a must-make for kids of all ages.
Victoria Hudgins
Dessert is all about texture, and these lemon pudding cakes certainly deliver. They start with a fluffy, moist cake layer and finish with a smooth, creamy curd — and they definitely don't skimp on lemony flavor. Whip 'em up for brunch — perhaps on Mother's Day or Easter — to give your guests the perfect final bite.
Stop the hunt — we've found the perfect fondant topper for all your Easter cakes and cupcakes. This chick-shaped Easter basket is cute, festive and (best of all) easy to sculpt.
Lynlee North Beckett
Combine two of the best springtime critters — chicks and bunnies — into one aww-dorable fondant topper. The little one is practically begging to be set on top of all your Easter cakes and cupcakes!
Lynlee North Beckett
Forget deviled eggs — Easter is the time to really flex your cake skills. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to piping buttercream and modeling fondant, the perfect confection is waiting for your dessert table. The Easter bunny is gonna be proud!
Jessie Oleson Moore
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