Sun, sand and style — it's all coming in waves thanks to this week's Project Runway episode. After watching the designers create cohesive beach, day and evening looks that oozed vacation vibes, here's what we're making for our own great escape.
Jessica reviews the Modern Cameo design, including options for stumpwork or surface embroidery only, and stitching on cotton or linen fabric. Then she goes over the supplies you'll need and how to transfer the design to the background fabric.
Your embroidery is complete! Explore a few different ways to finish your hoop and get inspired for your next project.
After hooping up and transferring the design, start stitching the two-tone flat leaves for the flower crown. After that, Jessica guides you through woven-wheel roses, French knots, and detached chain stitch petals to complete the crown.
Next, start stitching the cameo hair and face. Get Jessica's tips for making long parallel satin stitches with single strands of floss. You'll see how to work the fine details and troubleshoot any mistakes.
Discover the magic of stumpwork as you stitch wired slips (embroidered leaves built over a wire shape on a separate hoop). Afterwards, learn to cut the stitched wired slips from the hoop, then insert the dimensional wire leaves securely into the main embroidery to complete the design.
Ready to stitch up something new? Join embroiderer Jessica Long and learn a fun variation on one of her most popular patterns, the award-winning Modern Cameo. Jessica walks you step by step through simple techniques for making long satin stitches, woven-wheel roses, French knots and more. Plus, find out how to up-level your embroidery with 3D stumpwork. This project can easily be customized and makes for a creative gift!
Jessica  Long
Jessica Long
While there are a slew of beginner embroidery projects you could tackle right this second, what about when you want to expand your horizons? These techniques go way beyond basic stitches and materials for a whole range of gorgeous textural effects. Your projects are about to hit a new high.
As soon as spring arrives, we've got flowers on the brain — hand-embroidered flowers, to be exact. And we're not gonna stop at just one style. With these techniques, you could make a whole garden!
Do you hear that? It's the beach, mountains and, oh, everywhere in between calling. That's right — it's vacation season! And any great trip calls for some packable, practical, and oh-so-stylish embroidered accessories. Whether you prefer to stitch by hand or make it by machine, these plane-worthy projects are ready for takeoff.
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