We all know that not-so-great January feeling. The twinkly holiday lights have come down, and regular routines once again take over. Fewer cookies, more responsibilities... sigh.
So you've outlined your embroidery pattern, maybe with a stem or split stitch. Pause for a second to admire your work. But just for a second, because here's your next task: filling in your design.
Kristen Valencia
Embroidery + paper = one of the coolest cards we've seen. Seriously, look how beautiful this is! And it's actually pretty simple to make, even if you haven't tried embroidery before.
Take a look at the witty and political work of embroiderer Avery Spratt. Get Avery's tips for completing your first embroidery project on a thrifted shirt.
We love a cute embroidered saying as much as the next maker, but when you’re ready to stretch those stitchin’ muscles, these projects are just the beyond-the-basics inspo you need.
If you're ready to stitch your way onto the hand embroidery bandwagon, these projects are calling your name.
Raise your hand if you wear T-shirts every single day, or wish you could. We hear you. T-shirts are so comfy, many of us just want to live in them. But let's face it: Plain old T-shirts can get a little boring. They need attitude and style. They need embroidery.
Debbie Henry
You've made up your mind to finally take a crack at knitting, cake decorating, paper crafting … whatever. And here’s the truth: The best way to make this happen is to just go start already.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
A beautiful embroidered or quilted piece is a work of art — and that's a proven fact (just ask Sotheby's). But before you can get started on your own masterpiece you need to choose your thread. Here are a few pointers.
Debbie Henry
Yuck, what's that black splotch on the dress you're ironing? It definitely wasn't there before, so that's clue #1: The iron did it.
Beth Galvin
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