With a few basic tools — and a hefty amount of wool — the cutest embroidery hoops and 3D creations are just waiting to be created. Needle felting is an easy craft for fiber fanatics to love, so choose from any of the cute projects below and start stabbing!
When it comes to machine embroidery, felt is a total rockstar. It can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from recycled water bottles to 100 percent wool. Regardless of which you choose, it's easy to use, has a soft texture and its thickness provides structure and a strong base for machine embroidery stitches.
Marjorie Busby
Real talk: sometimes crafting can use a lot of materials (that aren't exactly cheap). You can save your bank account some strife and show Mother Earth a lot of love by upcycling what you already have — here's how.
Ashley Little
March is National Craft Month, so embrace it with a challenge that'll get your creative juices flowing every day (or at least once a week). We're dedicating each day to a different craft — crochet on Mondays, for example — so you can either stick to the stuff you're passionate about, or take the opportunity to branch out and try new things.
Take traditional embroidery and turn it on its head with one key tool: the punch needle. Also known as needle punching, the craft uses embroidery floss or yarn to create bold texture and beautiful designs on monk's cloth. Fiber fanatics can't got enough of the fun, easy-to-learn technique, so get in on the craze with one (or all!) of the projects below.
Nothing gets you in the camping mood more than some nature-inspired accessories. With a simple template, yarn and fabric scraps, you can needle punch a frog patch that's cute enough to stitch on any campwear.
The first rule of camping: you've gotta bring your stargazing A-game. That means having a cozy blanket, preferably one with needle-punched constellations. This design features the Big and Little Dippers on wool fabric — follow our template or go wild and punch the whole Milky Way.
It's always a good idea to test out your designs to make sure your thread and stabilizer choices get the effects you desire. Testing your designs will leave you with piles of random embroideries that you might not know what to do with. Sara shares some random test stitch embroideries and ideas of what she might do with them to complete a new project.
Monograms can be added on many store-bought articles with in-store monogramming services, but it's also very easy to add your own custom monograms to just about anything you'd like.
Decorative ribbon can enhance a wide variety of projects, but it's often expensive. Sara gives some tips and tricks for how to embroider on a plain ribbon, then demonstrates how it's done.
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