Hey metallic embroidery fans, here's something to be excited about — you can stitch the coolest (and shiniest) projects around thanks to one key tool: Angelina.
Debbie Henry
Whether you're DIYing your decor or gifting to your loved ones, it's easy to stitch some warm and fuzzy feelings this Valentine's Day. These patterns have so much love to give, you'll have trouble choosing just one.
Debbie Henry
That's right: the cutest pouch you've ever seen is only a few punches away! Take advantage of the punch needle trend and design a one-of-a-kind clutch that'll store your phone, cash and (of course) crafting supplies.
Whether you're hosting a whole crew of friends or simply serving your favorite dishes for a relaxing night in, there's nothing cuter than setting said meals on top of trivets that totally speak to your personality. These pig's head and lamb's tongue designs from our Maker Knows Best series are easy to make using basic punch needle techniques. Grab the templates, thread your needle and start punching!
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to craft alongside your mom or daughter, look no further than Christie and Isa Beniston. As the hosts of Maker Knows Best, this mother-daughter duo bonds over their shared creativity, even though it manifests in two totally different styles. We sat down with these lifelong makers to find out more about the role art has played in their relationship, and how their approaches differ when embroidering, sewing, quilting or punch-needling. (That's right, they're also versatile crafters! )
Grab your project bag! It's time to make along with mother-daughter crafting duo Christie and Isa Beniston! Together they've sewn and grown, threaded and thrived, and turned their love of craft into their livelihoods. Now these crafting queens are tackling a new theme every week, each piecing together a project that inspires the other (and that you'll totally want to make, too). From embroidered mantras for the new year to personalized pet beds and much more, join them for crafting tips and tricks and a little life advice, because Maker Knows Best!
Love is in the air (and in your craft room) this Valentine's Day. Whether you're a sewist, quilter or prefer machine embroidery, these patterns are sure to make your heart skip a beat.
Irene Valle
Reasons to love crazy patch embroidery: it's fun, colorful and uses your fabric scraps. Not to mention it's so simple to make, thanks to embroidery machines.
Debbie Henry
Traditional embroidery is great, but lately everyone's fiber radars seem to be focused on the beautiful textures created with punch needle (also called needle punching). The craft looks eerily similar to embroidery when you just see the tools, as you need embroidery floss or yarn, a hoop, fabric and scissors to start. But that extra tool — the punch needle itself — makes a big difference.
Ashley Little
One of the most important (and overlooked) aspects about machine embroidery is often invisible to everyone but the person stitching. That's right, we're talking about the stabilizer. Because using the correct one makes all the difference between a beautiful piece and something that looks poorly made.
Marjorie Busby
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