In our color-saturated world, there's something so pristine and timeless about white-on-white. Which is exactly why whitework embroidery is having a moment. If you want to tackle this elegant style of embroidery, here are the basics you need to know.
Mary Corbet
When you see a dimensional, almost lifelike embroidery project that pops off the hoop, you're looking at a specific — and pretty darn gorgeous — technique. Known as stumpwork, this form of embroidery rises off the fabric surface by building on stitches or creating three-dimensional components.
Debbie Henry
It's time to take your embroidery to a whole new dimension — literally. Stumpwork embroidery (also called raised embroidery) is any dimensional embroidery piece. It originated in mid-1600s England, and is most commonly used in nature scenes — for example, the leaves and petals on a flower, or the wings of pretty dragonflies.
It’s never too late to start a new craft. Just ask Vanessa Vargas Wilson (aka The Crafty Gemini), who not only teaches sewing in Sew Little: Nursery Design, but also shows off her quilting, knitting and embroidery skills in the classes that come with a Bluprint Premium membership.
Vanessa shows you how to prepare your fabric and crisply transfer the embroidery design. Plus get tips for how to hoop the fabric before you start stitching.
Add a finishing touch to your embroidery by gathering the fabric around the back of the hoop. Vanessa shows you how.
Learn how to make smooth satin stitches with a backstitch foundation. You'll work all the elements of your hoop with a variety of stitches including the fly stitch, split stitch, lazy daisies and French knots. And, get tips for creating dimensional woven wheel roses; it's easier than you might think!
Stitch up a beautiful embroidery hoop, designed by Jessica Long, that you can sew on the go! Brush up on the basics as Vanessa shares tips for making smooth satin stitches. Then tackle woven wheels, fly stitches, French knots and more.
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
No matter how many scarves and cowls you have under your belt, knitting your first sweater can be totally sweat-inducing — especially if the pattern you've chosen is riddled with a gorgeous (and intricate!) embroidery design. But knitting queen Annie Lupton, who teaches Boho Style: Embroidered Sweater, wants you to kick those first-time jitters to the curb. She gave us her best tips for overcoming any hesitations, dished on how she started blurring the lines between crafts, and shared her top secrets for knitting novices who want to begin their love affair with fiber.
If you're looking for an embroidery project that brings the wow-factor, look no further. From lush florals bursting with 3D texture, to a barely-there background‚ this stunning hoop has everything we love about hand embroidery. With just a few basic stitches and little bit of know-how, you can stitch up this beauty for yourself.
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