You probably think of curd as smooth, creamy, buttery, pudding-like — and lemony. But leave out the the citrus and mix in some brown sugar and maple syrup and the result is this fabulous recipe by Joshua John Russell of Man About Cake. Just be sure you have enough eggs!
The big game definitely deserves an awesome cake! (Especially for those of us who are slightly more interested in the snacks than the actual sports.) And this one is so easy, you're basically guaranteed a win.
Erin Gardner
If you own a bakery, you can do one of two things: Wake up at 3 a.m. and bake everything from scratch (um, pass) or learn a few tricks that make it look like that's what you did.
Erin Gardner
Start your 2019 off right and try your hand at a new recipe (or two... or seven). Then go ahead and show off your #BrunchGoals spread!
Super yummy food? Check. Festive decor? Got it. All your best friends? You bet. But a party’s not really happening until you bump the tunes.
A massive ball of cheese on the table makes a statement: Welcome to our party! Cheese balls are fun, tasty, lovably retro and easy to make in advance. So go ahead and choose your own cheese-ball adventure. Just don't forget the crackers.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Forget the pressure of decorating a last-minute cake. Instead, play it cool by making a crisp white cake and helping your kids doodle some fun illustrations and heartfelt messages across it!
Felicity and Krystle
Mary and Dylan host a pajama party brunch! On the menu is French toast, a frittata bar and a hash bash. This "snacktivity" (make-your-own-food activity) features hash browns and all the fixin's. Then guests build their own bash inside a mason jar. Shake, shake and eat!
Once the food is all set, it's time for the cocktails. First, Mary and Dylan prepare fruit-and-herb-infused waters, a green revival smoothie as well as an impressive Bloody Mary bar. Then, Mary shows you how to make mini flower bouquets for each guest to take home.
This party is about ease so you can actually have fun with your friends! Mary shows Dylan her playful (and addictive) way to fancy up store-bought pigs in a blanket in another "snacktivity" that she puts out with yummy dipping sauces, from guacamole and salsa to pesto and mustard. You might be surprised by the combo you like best. Then Dylan and Mary make Mary's most requested app: fancy, mini grilled cheese sandwiches with truffle honey. Yum!
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