Get started with a veggie-packed white lasagna full of spinach, mushrooms and tons of flavor. With a simple no-cook white sauce, you can prep it the night before and cook the next day.
Nicki warms things up with her go-to recipe for chicken tikka masala. Pair it with garlic naan for an impressive (and filling!) meal. Make it dairy-free by swapping full-fat coconut milk for the heavy cream.
Slow cookers are ideal for egg dishes. Nicki's recipe for strata (layered casserole) uses eggs, bread, spinach, prosciutto and Gruyère cheese. It's an easy entertaining dish that pleases both the eyes and taste buds. Use a gluten-free baguette or make it dairy-free by omitting the cheese!
Learn to make bibimbap, the ultimate rice bowl meal. Nicki's recipe calls for boneless short ribs braised in spicy gochujang, soy, ginger and garlic to add depths of flavor and perfect umami. Top it off with garlicky bok choy, carrots and a fried egg.
You might not think of your slow cooker when it comes to seafood, but Nicki's salmon bowl recipe will change that! It's made with chiles and a cilantro yogurt sauce for well-balanced flavors. And the slow cooker's gentle heating ability yields perfectly cooked salmon every time.
Learn how to take your new bouquet and properly fit it into a vase, then get Christine and Rhiannon's insider tips and inspiration to continue your flower arranging adventures.
Meet Christina and Rhiannon and get a quick overview of all the supplies you'll need.
Christina will teach you where to buy flowers. You'll also get an overview of the different types of flowers that show up in arrangements.
Learn the best methods to trim and prep your flowers for a floral arrangement. Flowers need to eat, too! Rhiannon will show you how to feed your blooms.
It's time to put it all together! In this lesson, you'll learn how to assemble a bouquet.
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