Whether you're lounging on the weekend or working from home, there's nothing better than a great-fitting pair of yoga pants (aka leggings) to make your day-to-day more comfy. Here's what you need to know to sew a pair — or five.
Christine Haynes
By manipulating the fabric to compress some portions of it, you'll change the drying time and hence the depth of color in different sections.
Simple table salt will draw pigment away from the fabric as it dries to create unique patterns.
When your printed fabric doesn't look as you expected, review Jane's suggestions for what to try differently.
Jane suggests some projects to sew with your dyed fabric, and how to care for it.
Here's a great excuse to go out for a walk and find leaves for printing! Jane explains the process.
Flatten and dry your leaves to prepare them for printing.
Jane kicks things off with an explanation of sun printing and the materials you'll need.
Print with the sun by blocking its rays from hitting some parts of the fabric.
Learn how to improve your process and get more inspiration.
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