Fixing Knitting Mistakes
If you want your stranded colorwork to be as close to perfect as possible, you have to know how to navigate jogless knitting in the round.
Ashley Little
Knitted cables have a lot of stress at the points where they cross one another. Needless to say, this is where they tend to fray and unravel. Learn here how to handle your own cable repair.
Lace can be particularly terrifying to repair. The increases and decreases of lace knitting make a much bigger, and more complicated, hole. Watch how Jennifer breaks down the repair process.
Congratulations! You've learned how to successfully repair your knitting, from colorwork to cables to lace. While this workshop doesn't cover every holey mess you may encounter, we hope it will make you confident enough to tackle most mends on your own.
Meet your instructor, Jennifer Raymond, and learn more about the class.
We often use "darning" to refer to any sort of repair. Darning is actually the process of weaving yarn back and forth over a hole, and may not be the best way to fix your knits.
The easiest way to fix a hole is to stop it before it happens. Learn how here.
The duplicate stitch is one of the most common mending methods, and certainly the easiest!
The Kitchener stitch is for more than sock toes! Use it to re-create plain stockinette wherever you see a row of unraveled stitches.
Once you've practiced Kitchener stitch, try mending a larger hole, creating knitted fabric seemingly out of thin air.
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