Forget dropping cash on a new vase — you can DIY one using all those yarn scraps you've got lying around. Grab 'em, along with some Mod Podge and a circular container that you'll use as a template. Before you know it you'll have the perfect holder for that Valentine's Day bouquet!
Get started with an over-the-top creation made with carnations, billy balls and other colorful blooms. Jenny shows you how to treat and care for your flowers so they stay fresh on your cake; no wilting here!
You don't need a lot of colors for a show-stopping cake! Greenery can be just as classy, moody, romantic and tasteful. See how Jenny uses different shades of green to create depth and interest.
Marry vibrant colors and simplicity in this boho-style cake. Find out how roses and snapdragons add texture for a rustic look that's perfect for a barn-style wedding or backyard picnic.
You can never go wrong with a classic white cake! And Jenny's recipe stands out with white buttercream underneath white ranunculus, dahlias and more. Learn to create eye-catching moments even with a limited color palette.
Deep, moody hues give this cake a romantic look and feel. Jenny shows you how to use gold accents with roses, lilies and dark greens for a dramatic finish.
Liven up your wedding cakes with fresh flowers! Cake artist Jenny McCoy teaches you how to decorate five elegant cakes using a variety of beautiful blooms. Plus get her pro tips on balancing colors, maintaining food safety and more.
Jenny McCoy
Jenny McCoy
Fact: the best flowers are buttercream flowers, and the same is true for poinsettias. This holiday design is beautiful, festive and totally deserves a spot on your dessert table.
Erin Gardner
The air is crisp, the leaves are falling and it's the perfect day to stay inside and bake. Cupcake toppers designed to look like beautiful mums and fallen leaves are the perfect way to add some seasonality to your sweets.
Erin Gardner
Erin Gardner
Add a finishing touch to your embroidery by gathering the fabric around the back of the hoop. Vanessa shows you how.
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