Valerie shows you how to draw leaves and greenery to use in your final project.
Now that you know the basics of floral chalk illustration, Valerie will teach you how to map out a project.
Time to put your skills to work in a beautiful floral illustration.
Add filler to complete your design and get some final words of inspiration.
Met Valerie and go over the supplies you'll need.
Learn how to draw an anemone flower, which will be used in your final project.
Learn how to draw a rose, which will also be used in your final project.
Learn how contrast and subtle elements are key to great chalk illustration design.
In this class from our partners at Brit & Co., learn chalk illustration tips from a professional chalk artist.
Valerie McKeehan
Valerie McKeehan
Mia reveals her favorite painting surface for watercolor and gouache illustrations. Afterwards, she shows you how to prep the paper and transfer your final sketch.
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