Free-Motion Quilting
Clean, classic straight-line quilting is always a winner in our book. But stitching perfectly straight lines can be challenging. The secret to success? Marking your lines correctly.
Emily Dennis
Imagine Rihanna or Bruno Mars forgetting to put their name on a song. #nevergonnahappen. When you make a quilt and don't label it, it's kind of the same thing. (Okay, we said "kind of"!)
As with most creative projects, our fave motto applies here: You do you. If you like a thread color for your quilt top, you should 100 percent go for it. Buuuut if you’re craving some extra guidance, Angela Walters of the Midnight Quilt Show totally has your back. These are her tricks to making sure your selection is perfect every single time.
Meet the walking foot: Besides having one of the greatest names ever for a sewing-machine accessory, it's also your best friend when you're straight-line quilting or adding a binding.
Lindsay Conner
When you're quilting, you need super-straight seams for accurate piecing. In other words: You need starch or pressing spray. But what if you run out of the stuff? Or what if the chemicals in store-bought fabric starch skeeve you out? Should your sewing come to a screeching halt?
Lauren Lang
Forget everything you know about quilting — that it requires cutting fabric into a gazillion pieces, then placing and stitching all those pieces together in a precise pattern. There's another, simpler way to get an equally amazing end result. Say hello to the wholecloth quilt.
Jackie White
Straight-line quilting can sound terrifyingly precise, but don't believe the hype. With some guidance you can definitely nail the straight-line technique, and soon you'll be using it to make totally spectacular quilts — no problem.
Lindsay Conner
Piecing a quilt top is a lot of work, so naturally the idea of letting loose all over it with FMQ feels daunting — especially if you're new to this technique. We've pulled together a few key tips to help a beginner out.
Christa Watson
Take the next steps in your quilting journey and piece a beautiful throw-size quilt.
Christa Watson
Christa Watson
Consistently stitch versatile, modern quilting designs using specialty rulers.
Angela Walters
Angela Walters
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