Spoiler: you don't need a big yard to grow your dream garden. With some strategic planning, you can create a green oasis no matter how small your space.
If you wanna grow your own veggies but tend to be, err, super impatient, there's good news: you don't have to wait all summer to score homegrown greens. These fast-growing vegetables can be harvested in less than two months, so you'll have fresh grub in no time.
Melissa Willis
Year-round vegetable gardening is totally possible — especially if you grow some of your goods indoors. These veggies thrive when they stay inside, so make some room in your kitchen and get ready for fresh, home-grown meals on the regular.
Ramon Gonzalez
If you're working with a partial shade garden, you're in luck: there are so many vines that not only grow, but thrive in these shady spots. Take your pick and get to planting.
Teresa O'Connor
Succulents: they're the beautiful, versatile, oh-so-trendy plant that helps your home look straight-outta-Pinterest. But you don't have to spend tons of cash collecting these sweet plants in every shape and color. With these methods, you can replant parts of your existing succulents to propagate and grow new ones. Let that garden grow!
Meredith Skyer
You don’t need a lot of room — or even a seasoned green thumb — to create a dreamy green space. A DIY terrarium lets you create an entire garden, or even a whole mini ecosystem, within the walls of a glass container. Plus, it’s super easy to make and care for. Triple win!
Meredith Skyer
Meet Cherie and get a quick overview of the supplies you'll need.
Cherie walks you through how to set up and use a succulent garden box.
Create a healthy base layer for your succulents. You'll learn how to properly fill your garden box.
Cherie teaches you how to arrange your succulents so they create a pleasing design.
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