If you're looking for an easy way to add color and flavor to your salads, cookies and cakes, look no further than your garden. There are more edible flowers out there than you might think, and you may already have a few growing in your own backyard. Pick 'em, clean 'em and get ready for some colorful munching.
Chelsea Fuss
Every gardener knows spring is the busy season for planting, but you can save a ton of time by doing some of it in the fall. One of the season's easiest veggies to grow: garlic.
Meredith Skyer
We’re majorly crushing on all things succulent these days! Whether you’re looking for a cool way to display the real deal or just want to make a fun craft (hey, some of us have black thumbs and that's a-OK), these DIY ideas will instantly upgrade you to plant lady status.
So you wanna grow your own veggies, but you tend to be... super impatient. We get it. The good news is, you don't have to wait all summer to score homegrown greens for your dinner table. Here are our fave fast-growing vegetables you can harvest in less than two months.
Melissa Willis
Take your plant decor up a notch — literally. This hanging planter project turns really simple supplies (you only need 3 things!) into the coolest way to display your succulents, snake plants, and more. Follow along as Jo Gick from season 1 of NBC’s Making It shows you how it’s done.
Jo Gick
You can’t grow greens without having the right gear. And sure, some are no-brainers (where would your garden be without a shovel? Or sturdy gloves?). But there are a handful of other tools you might not have thought of that will instantly raise your gardening game and make life so much easier.
If you dream of being a plant lady but weren't blessed with a green thumb, say hello to your new BFF: the amigurumi snake plant. This friendly little fella doesn't care what color your thumbs are, as long as they can hold a crochet hook.
Manipulating the sand in a a peaceful mini-garden is a total stress-reliever. And it turns out creating your own zen garden from scratch is instantly chill-ifying, too (especially when it's this easy). Your happy place awaits.
Gerry has a rotted out deck with an unsafe bench attached to the railing that's taking up too much space and hampering his ability to dine outside. Jason solves his problems by replacing his wraparound deck and building an addition for extra dining space.
Vicki and her daughter Justine need a floating dock with a diving board, sturdy enough to allow Justine a spot to practice her competitive diving at the cottage. It's a specialized dock, but Jason is up for the challenge.
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