Fact: everything's cooler when it glows in the dark, especially when it comes to sweets. But you don't have to limit yourself to glow-in-the-dark buttercream or slime cake — now you can bring the fun to your breakfast with "glonuts."
Nicole Weston
Here's the thing: when a project glows in the dark, it's just that much cooler. Whether you're a baker, paper crafter or embroiderer, there are so many ways you can take your projects to a new (glow-in-the-dark) level.
Halloween is all about things that go bump in the night and things that glow in the dark. This handmade card definitely fits the bill — it's cute in the daylight, but spooky once the lights go down.
Kristen Magee
Every witch needs a familiar, so why not make one out of fondant? Kick off the spooky season with these scarily superstitious Halloween cake toppers.
Lynlee North Beckett
Haunted houses are typically full of ghosts, ghouls, vampires and zombies. But what about one that's full of cake? This one is scarily perfect for your Halloween party, and it's great for beginners who want to level up their skills with something a smidge more challenging. The best part: haunted houses tend to look like they're falling apart, so perfection isn't the goal — it's all about creating some creepy character!
Wendy McGowan
Unlike the winter squash you buy at the farmer's market, these pumpkins will never go bad. With just some yarn and your knitting needles, you can craft the cutest gourds to enjoy all season long.
Ashley Little
Who says jack-o'-lanterns have to be spooky? This Halloween, show off your yarn love and carve a crafty pumpkin.
Nicole Weston
It may look like a legit pumpkin, but instead of the messy, stringy insides you'll only find sugar and buttercream. That's right: we put a sweet spin on our favorite fall gourd, sculpting a pumpkin-shaped cake that's sure to impress a crowd. Your turn!
Wendy McGowan
Add some festive flair to your kitchen with the cutest mug rug and tea towel. They whip up in a flash, especially with our printable PDF template. Just follow the cut-outs, piece 'em together and do some simple stitching!
Diane Knott
This skull cake will make you scream because it's aaahhh-dorable. It's a pretty pop-punk take on Halloween, and so easy you can make it in an afternoon. The best part? You can create the whole thing without any molds!
Erin Gardner
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