Unlike the winter squash you buy at the farmer's market, these pumpkins will never go bad. With just some yarn and your knitting needles, you can craft the cutest gourds to enjoy all season long.
Ashley Little
Who says jack-o'-lanterns have to be spooky? This Halloween, show off your yarn love and carve a crafty pumpkin.
Nicole Weston
It may look like a legit pumpkin, but instead of the messy, stringy insides you'll only find sugar and buttercream. That's right: we put a sweet spin on our favorite fall gourd, sculpting a pumpkin-shaped cake that's sure to impress a crowd. Your turn!
Wendy McGowan
Add some festive flair to your kitchen with the cutest mug rug and tea towel. They whip up in a flash, especially with our printable PDF template. Just follow the cut-outs, piece 'em together and do some simple stitching!
Diane Knott
This skull cake will make you scream because it's aaahhh-dorable. It's a pretty pop-punk take on Halloween, and so easy you can make it in an afternoon. The best part? You can create the whole thing without any molds!
Erin Gardner
For many, Halloween candy is something you buy — not make. But homemade mellowcreme pumpkins, aka candy corn, are too good not to make. Their thicker shape gives them a chewy, unique texture that sets them apart from the aisles of store-bought candies, and DIYing them means they'll be fresher, creamier and have a more well-rounded, deeper flavor. Oh, and not only are these little pumpkins cute and tasty, but they just so happen to work perfectly as toppers on any Halloween cake.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Got leftover dough from making a Halloween cake? Instead of throwing it out, mash it up and turn it into scarily good cake pops. These bites are easy and fun to make, so start mashing up those sheet cakes and break out the buttercream — it's time to get poppin'.
Here's a spooky fact: these cake pops have been known to mysteriously vanish into thin air — or into your guests' mouths! Play it safe and make a big batch for this year's Halloween festivities.
Kris Galicia Brown
Devour at your own risk! These werewolf cake pops are as delicious as they are scary, and will have your guests howling for more. Best part: they're crazy easy to make!
Kris Galicia Brown
If you're looking to make an adorable, totally one-of-a-kind quilt block this fall, look no further. This scrappy, stash-busting pumpkin is made entirely of 1½"-wide strips. It comes together in a snap, and it's perfect for autumn stitching. All you need now is a warm mug of homemade apple cider and the perfect fall afternoon is complete.
Diane Knott
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