Gift-giving for men can be tricky, whether it's Father's Day, their birthday or Valentine's Day. But knitting them a hat is always a solid choice. Just pay attention to their style preference — some guys are more adventurous, while others prefer a more classic look. Whatever their deal, you're sure to find a pattern worth stitching below. Now grab those circular needles and get going!
Ashley Little
Get started on the stitches to create a scarf.
Let's mix it up! In this lesson, Vickie will show you how to add new colors into the scarf.
Now that your scarf is almost complete, learn how to bind off in rib stitch.
Learn more about Vickie and go over the basic supplies you need to complete your class project.
Learn how to cast on your yarn and the create the knit and purl stitches.
Add a cute finishing touch to your beanie! Learn how to create a pom-pom and bind it to your hat. Learn all of Vickie's tips and tricks to continue your knitting adventures!
Learn how to seam the scarf together and weave in ends to finish your project.
Get started on a beanie! Vickie will show you how to use circular needles to knit in the round.
Learn how to close the beanie top and weave in the ends to finish your project.
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