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Sure, you can make beautiful clothes and accessories by sewing straight seams. But if you want to tackle scooped necklines or round pillows and clutches, you need to be curvalicious.
Andrea Brown
Using your yarn to make something that can hold more yarn? Alllll the yes. Of course, these crochet baskets are super versatile, so feel free to think beyond yarn storage, too.
When you start out quilting, you have very clear goals: make a quilt for this bed, then that bed, then...that bed again? At some point, you have to start looking for other ways to display those gorgeous works of art.
Leah Day
If you're looking to add a little style to your next dinner party, don't buy it: DIY it. We'd like to propose cloth napkins with mitered corners, sewn up in coordinating prints so each guest gets something unique.
No, this is NOT a fine art piece available only in a fancy gallery. It's a totally do-able DIY that starts with — wait for it — an old vinyl record. Just. So. Cool.
You might think sculpting with clay requires a kiln. But not if you use polymer clay, which bakes in your home oven. Working with polymer clay is a fun, fast, inexpensive, low-commitment way to make stuff. How great is that?!
Sarah reflects on how her work has given her connection and collaboration.
Sarah demonstrates trimming techniques that will allow you to remove unwanted throw marks or mistakes, or to add a foot or other design element. Learn how to carve the surface of your piece to make it unique.
Discover the importance of making something with purpose.
The perfect handle is a personal and creative design choice. Learn two ways to create handles, by pulling and extruding, and a method for attachment that leaves plenty of room for you to smooth over the joint later to create cohesive pieces. Learn techniques for avoiding and dealing with detaching or cracking connection points.
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