You can top just about anything with this flavorful green sauce from Mindful Meal Planning. This recipe uses the freshest ingredients and only takes a few minutes to make. We're in!
This recipe from Mindful Meal Planning is ready to knock your socks off any night of the week. It's as easy as it is yummy, so the whole fam wins!
We know what you're thinking: Meringue cookies are so fancy, they must be difficult to make. Surprise — whipping together a batch is actually pretty simple. Plus, with this Joshua John Russell recipe, you only need three ingredients.
Super yummy food? Check. Festive decor? Got it. All your best friends? You bet. But a party’s not really happening until you bump the tunes.
In the final lesson, it's all about enjoying great food around a table with your friends. From a mozzarella bar "snacktivity" to "meatball fondue" (meatballs served in a fondue pot with tomato sauce) to cauliflower pizzas set out as table runners for all the enjoy, this is a party your friends will be talking about. For drinks, Mary puts her fixings for a Sicilian martini on a lazy Susan at the table and gives everyone cocktail shakers to build their own. For dessert, Mary makes playful cereal-crusted cannoli and packages them up for her guests to take home.
When you hear the words "Italy" and "vegetables" you probably think tomatoes — maybe because tomato sauce is one of the most brilliant inventions since, well, ever. But Italy grows an incredible variety of vegetables, including some, like corn, that Americans generally claim as their own.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Jamie cooks a fun meal for his three young cousins, involving spaghetti with chili, anchovies and pangrattato (breadcrumbs), and praline semifreddo (frozen mousse).
Get ready for a mouthwatering Christmas as Nigella brings a truly Italian festive feast to the table, with big fresh flavors and a sumptuous spread. The essence of Italian food, like Nigella's style of cooking, is simplicity and informality, just what you need at this busy time of year! In this special episode of Nigellissima, she shows how easy it is to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and onto the plate using ingredients available in any supermarket. With her passion for Italy and Italian cooking, Nigella's mouthwatering dishes have their roots in tradition but take us into fresh territory; light of touch but bursting full of taste.
Nigella Lawson shows how easy it is to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and onto the plate for the holidays.
Nigella Lawson
Nigella introduces us to her love of Italian food through a spectacular yet simple Sicilian pasta with tomatoes, garlic and almonds; and a midweek family feast of tagliata ( a juicy steak cut into thin slices) served with crisp, fluffy Tuscan fries. And then there's Nigella's "eggs in purgatory," a late-night fiery dish inspired by her early party days in Florence.
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