This year, make one of your quilting projects a little greener — and not the color green. Instead of buying more fabric, look for materials you already have around your home. It brings new life to pre-loved clothing, is easy on your wallet and maximizes your resources. What's not to love?
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It's hard to find a wardrobe without denim, so why not make your blues one-of-a-kind with a little hand embroidery? Textile artist Kat McTee, instructor of Bluprint classes Startup Library: Hand Embroidery and Hand Embroidery on Denim, shares her must-know tips for personalizing your daywear.
Now move on to jean jackets! Learn to work around bulky seams, embroider on heavier denim fabrics and place designs effectively. Then see Kat's foolproof method for French knots, plus how to use chain stitch as a fill stitch.
Learn easy stitches that make up the botanical motif patterns included in the class materials. Then see how you can mix and scale them up for endless variations.
Stitch up legs and around pockets with geometric motifs. Plus, you'll get a trick for embroidering back pockets. As Kat says, "our freaky fashion ancestors have done it, and we can too!"
Everybody wears denim! Learn about different types and washes of denim and why it's such a great surface for hand embroidery, then review the included designs and motifs and how you can change the look of them with different color palettes.
Discover which areas of classic denim shirts are ideal for stitching. Now you're ready to start planning your design! Kat shows you an easy method for transferring designs using wash-away stabilizer.
Upcycle your denim clothing by attaching patches with visible hand stitching. Inspired by the Japanese boro technique, this method uses an easy running stitch so you can attach and layer patches to embellish your favorite garments.
Denim is a wardrobe staple. And it's also the perfect canvas for embroidering and embellishing! Textile artist Kat McTee shows you how to turn those everyday denim pieces into contemporary, one-of-a-kind creations with hand embroidery. From a classic denim shirt to stylish jean jackets, these easy and customizable projects will amp up the denim in your closet.
Kat McTee
Kat McTee
Sometimes that new pair of skinny jeans fits fabulously, but the ankles aren't quite tight enough for your taste. Instead of taking them to a tailor to get altered, here's how you can adjust the fit yourself and save some serious money.
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