There ain't no party like a craft party. If you're planning to throw a DIY date for your friends, we've got all the inspo you need. Even your non-crafty pals will love rolling up their sleeves for these creations!
No, I'm not kidding: You can make incredibly pretty flower jewelry just by painting wire loops with nail polish. In fact, you can DIY a whole bouquet that way — assuming you're ready to take your jewelry collection to the next level (I'm betting you are!).
Gayle Bird
Knowing how to make jewelry: Yeah, we all know how amazing that is. But it's also important to know how to draw jewelry. And there are a few reasons why.
Antonella Avogadro
Patina is the blueish-greenish layer on the surface of copper that comes from age or chemicals (we see you, Statue of Liberty!). If you're looking to add dimension to your handmade copper jewelry, it's a super fun technique to explore that's a little wilder than the usual matte, shiny or brushed looks.
Kate Wilkonson
Even if you're making fiercely cutting-edge jewelry, it always pays to know how to do things the old-fashioned way. Case in point: riveting.
Kate Wilkonson
Bring a little extra sparkle to your look with these gem-studded bobby pins. They're so easy, you'll want to make a few for yourself and a bunch for your besties.
A piece of bead-woven jewelry, with its intricate matrix of shapes and colors laid out in neat rows like a brick wall, can be totally gorgeous. But also: daunting! You might think it's just too challenging to try.
If you're into vintage style, chances are you have a jar or two of gorgeous, antique buttons. At least a few of those buttons may even be carved mother of pearl — lucky you! Give those vintage beauties more opportunities to shine by transforming them into simple wire-wrapped pendants.
Carol welcomes you to this workshop on African helix stitch, from the basics to mastery!
Fiber artist Carol Cypher teaches workshops in beadwork and feltmaking, and the provocative pairing of the two, in the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe.
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