A piece of bead-woven jewelry, with its intricate matrix of shapes and colors laid out in neat rows like a brick wall, can be totally gorgeous. But also: daunting! You might think it's just too challenging to try.
If you're into vintage style, chances are you have a jar or two of gorgeous, antique buttons. At least a few of those buttons may even be carved mother of pearl — lucky you! Give those vintage beauties more opportunties to shine by transforming them into simple wire-wrapped pendants.
Practice the swirling effect by making your own Kalahari Oasis Lariat along with Carol!
Thank you for coming along on this African helix journey!
Ready to pick it up a notch? Follow along with Carol in your adventures in textural complexity!
Can you create swirl with only two beads per round? Of course you can, with Carol's guidance!
Carol walks you through the structure and anatomy of African helix stitch.
Learn the basic stitch of African helix, while at the same time creating a beautiful bracelet!
Get ready to bead along with Carol to make a project that showcases complex textures.
Here's a list of Carol's favorite materials, tools and supplies. It's important for you to experiment to find what works best for you.
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