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This next plane is totally tubular, literally! Watch the Tube roll through the air to create lift. And the faster it spins, the better it flies. John also shows you how, unlike most planes, this plane's center of gravity is located in the center of the tube.
Find out how to build the Ballistic Dart, a super-fast plane that flies like a speeding bullet. John explains how wing load and the angle at which it's thrown determines how fast and far it goes. Afterwards, John and his test pilots participate in a speed challenge using a real-life speed detector.
Discover a plane that can ride the wave: a wave of air! Using a cardboard flap, John shows you how to generate waves of air to create the condition he calls "falling with style." This plane is in a perpetual state of free fall, just like birds soaring through the sky.
Meet John and get started by learning how to make and fly the world-record paper plane! After a failed attempt and a few small adjustments, John and his test-pilots are able to fly the plane with ease.
Ready for the grand finale? In this last lesson, John teaches you how to make and fly the Seagull plane, which is actually a bunch of mini-planes that separate to create a spectacular display that looks like fireworks. Talk about going out with a bang!
We aren't done yet! In this bonus lesson, learn to build the Phat Glider plane. You'll shock and awe your friends and family with its breathtaking aerial stunts, including the epic boomerang.
Ready to let your imagination take flight? In this kid-friendly class, paper airplane mastermind John Collins shows you how to fold and fly five of his best designs, including his world-record-breaking plane for distance. Each lesson showcases a different plane, with John and his co-pilots making and then testing each one for distance, speed and more. Through trial and error, you’ll learn the science behind flight so you can experiment with your own creations.
John  Collins
John Collins
If you've nailed basic cut-and-glue, you can make adorable geometric stockings for the mantel in no time flat.
In a perfect holiday season we'd have aaalll the time in the world to joyously bake up gingerbread dough and make the most beautiful little houses. But, thankfully for those who are in a hurry (or are just a little impatient), there are graham crackers! And you know what? Houses made of these store-bought cookies are just as much fun to decorate as the real deal. (Plus they're mini ... which automatically means cuter.)
Felicity and Krystle
This sweet, simple project checks all the boxes: festive, personalized AND something they'll actually use!
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