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It's Taco Tuesday in Chef Milo's Kitchen! The taco has endless combinations, but Chef Milo gives you the tools you'll need to nail the basics of taco construction. He also dances with Taco Guy ... you'll see.
With just three simple ingredients, the grilled cheese sandwich is a symphony of flavor and texture! Chef Milo shares his secrets to master this seemingly simple trio of bread, cheese and butter. He also brings out the biggest piece of cheese you've ever seen!
Who doesn't love a warm, fresh baked cookie? Chef Milo dives into the classic chocolate chip cookie and shares some history on how the chip became hip, while trying not to daydream about a giant cookie.
Food.Eats.Kid. is a demonstrative cooking show for kids, fronted by Top Chef Junior finalist Milo Fleming and focused on simple foods that kids love. With a tone that's equal parts informative and absurd, our show will help kids master the basics of cooking and make them laugh with an approach that is smart, informative, and delightfully bizarre. The goals are to help kids make real foods that they aspire to cook and to make kids laugh with an approach that's totally unique.
Chef Milo
Chef Milo
Three teams of craft-loving kids put their creativity to the test as they tackle a fun, imaginative challenge in a set amount of time. Get ready for something big, fun and crafty airing daily on Universal Kids and online right here!
Universal Kids
Universal Kids
We aren't done yet! In this bonus lesson, learn to build the Phat Glider plane. You'll shock and awe your friends and family with its breathtaking aerial stunts, including the epic boomerang.
Find out how to build the Ballistic Dart, a super-fast plane that flies like a speeding bullet. John explains how wing load and the angle at which it's thrown determines how fast and far it goes. Afterwards, John and his test pilots participate in a speed challenge using a real-life speed detector.
Discover a plane that can ride the wave: a wave of air! Using a cardboard flap, John shows you how to generate waves of air to create the condition he calls "falling with style." This plane is in a perpetual state of free fall, just like birds soaring through the sky.
Ready for the grand finale? In this last lesson, John teaches you how to make and fly the Seagull plane, which is actually a bunch of mini-planes that separate to create a spectacular display that looks like fireworks. Talk about going out with a bang!
Meet John and get started by learning how to make and fly the world-record paper plane! After a failed attempt and a few small adjustments, John and his test-pilots are able to fly the plane with ease.
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