Brioche knitting is unlike any other technique in the knitting world, so you have to go into it with the right tools — and that includes yarn. Because the secret to a good brioche project is a yarn that complements those beautiful, squishy stitches. So before you pick up your needles and start, look for these key characteristics in your yarn.
Ashley Little
With its own set of special stitches, unique charts and working method (each row is worked twice), brioche is the rebel of the knitting world. So for a first-timer, the technique may seem tricky — after all, you have to throw out some of your typical knitting know-how to create the gorgeous texture. But if you keep these beginner-friendly tips in mind, your first attempt at brioche knitting will feel like a breeze.
Ashley Little
If you've seen a brioche knit, you won't forget it. The technique uses its own special set of stitches to create a to-die-for texture that's unlike any other. So if you're looking to learn more about brioche knitting — and need more reasons to give it a try — here are five to get you started.
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If you want your stranded colorwork to be as close to perfect as possible, you have to know how to navigate jogless knitting in the round.
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From seamless hats to fingerless gloves, knitting in the round opens you up to a world full of double-pointed and circular needles. But the technique can get tricky, especially if you're a beginner. Here are a few tips for avoiding common in-the-round frustrations so you don't have to rip out your project.
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There's more to left-handed knitting than moving stitches from your right needle to the left. For lefties, everything's just a little different — even how you wrap the yarn around your needles. But by mastering these common stitches, you'll be able to cast on and knit even the most complex projects without stumbling (and get a fabric that looks no different from right-handed knits).
Whether it's your child's elementary school teacher or your college professor, celebrate the teachers in your life with a handmade thank-you. These projects can all be done in just a few working sessions, so you can have 'em ready in time for Teacher Appreciation Day.
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Gifting for men, whether it's Father's Day, Christmas or a birthday, can sometimes feel tricky. But if you're a knitter, it's just another opportunity to pull out your needles and yarn. There are so many knits that make great gifts for men — here are a few worth adding to your to-make list.
Mistakes happen. Learn the easiest ways to fix common mistakes.
Use the skills you've learned to create a black and white snood (cowl).
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