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      So, you've been eyeing all the gorgeous hand-knit sweaters and scarves out there and thinking, "Want!" And now you're ready to have a go at making something yourself.
      Ashley Little
      You spend every free minute on your craft obsession: knitting scarves, crocheting hats, sewing pillows, or whatever hobby you’re into. You keep a few of the items and give the rest away to friends, neighbors, siblings, coworkers — and all of their kids, in-laws and pets.
      Salma Abdelnour
      No need to spend big bucks decking out the tree this year, just raid your craft stash to make these easy pieces!
      Imagine knitting only scarves for the rest of your life. Actually, don't. Scarves are great, but you didn't learn how to knit so you could turn into a scarf factory. You were destined for bigger things too— like sweaters.
      Ashley Little
      It’s one thing to learn the basics of the knit stitch… and a totally other thing to actually complete a project. But lucky for you, we’re here to shorten up the distance from step one to step one-and-a-half on the road to knit super stardom.
      This scarf may look complicated, but if you can knit, purl, cast on, and bind off, you've got it. Promise! The woven fringe is worked in after you're done knitting: no special tools required.
      Good news, beginner knitters! All your handknit holiday fantasies are about to come true: you can knit this stocking. With a super simplified heel (it's really just a rectangle) and fun fringe, you'll be ready for Santa in no time.
      Let's be real, even when you set the best intentions, sometimes it's just not possible to knit something for everyone on your list. Except maybe it is, because we bet you can knock out these handknit gift card holders in about the same amount of time it will take you to buy the gift card itself.
      Ashley Little
      Cute sweater? Put a bow on it! Simple tote bag? Put a bow on it! Gift for a friend? You guessed it: put a bow on it. This super simple bow (you only need to know the knit stitch!) with give whatever you're making that little something extra.
      Ashley Little
      If you have a knitter on your gift list, don't reach for the yarn! Instead, think outside the skein for gifts that are practical, but beautiful, unexpected but oh-so-necessary.
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