When you're painting a landscape or a seascape, keep your eye on the sky. Sunny, stormy, cloudless or hazy, the sky can play a supporting role in your composition, or it can be the most riveting element. 
Maria Stezhko
Water is endlessly inspiring to artists. There's something deeply compelling about its ever-changing nature, whether in a still, reflective pond or a rushing stream. But water is also one of the most difficult things to paint realistically in acrylic.
Brandon Schaefer
Mountains are my thing. I find their grand vistas so awe-inspiring that I feel compelled to photograph them again and again and again.
Jeff Sinon
Painting a watercolor landscape is about more than copying nature. You don't just want to show a mountain; you also want to capture a mood and really express how that gorgeous scenery makes you feel.
Monet, Degas, Renoir, Seurat: The Impressionists were rock stars. These artists and their peers revolutionized painting and paved the way for what we now know as modern art.
Sandrine Pelissier
Outdoor photography isn't all picturesque mountains and dreamy lakes. Most of the world we wander is cities, and they've got their own natural beauty too. Here's how to make the best of 'em.
Jeremiah Gilbert
'Tis the season to wear all the sweaters, eat all the carbs and remember just how stunning a winter landscape can be. So whip out those watercolor paints. When you're done with the fun and easy project below, you'll have a pine forest worthy of a wintry reverie.
Elise Engh
The more landscapes I paint, the more I understand the importance of painting outdoors, directly at the source of my inspiration. When I work outdoors (en plein air), I'm painting not just what I see, but also what I feel of the elements around me. I'm inspired to capture the weather, the light, the details of that specific place in that specific time.
Kateri Ewing
Take the next steps in your watercolor journey with three nature-inspired paintings.
Kateri Ewing
Kateri Ewing
When the mountains are calling ... paint them! Whether you're out there in nature or just dreaming about your next hike, landscapes are a great way to learn how to incorporate more perspective into your art. Consider this step-by-step your trail to the top.
Elise Engh
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