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A top-notch guacamole is a must-have, whether you're serving it as a standalone snack or an appetizer before a full-blown Mexican feast. But you don't always have to use a classic recipe — getting a little creative with the ingredients is a fun way to liven up your taste buds. Pair any of these recipes with a handmade margarita and your Taco Tuesdays, Cinco de Mayo or regular ole' weekend is sure to get a whole lot tastier.
Real talk: a taco is only as good as its salsa. (This goes double for pre-feast tortilla chips.) And if you think of Mexican salsa as a chunky, tomato-based, lightly seasoned condiment, it's time to broaden your horizons. There are a ton of different varieties out there — sweet, hot, smoky, etc — so go on and challenge your taste buds with a plethora of options at your next Taco Tuesday or Cinco de Mayo fiesta.
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Whether you're spreading it on homemade tortillas or dipping chips into it, guacamole is a must-have for any Mexican meal. And while the classic recipe is mouthwatering, you can turn this salsa on its head by adding two more ingredients: berries and goat cheese.
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Great guacamole comes down to one very simple thing: using great avocados. Before you select your mix-ins, you need high-quality, flavorful avocados as a base. But these finicky fruits aren't always easy to handle, which is why renowned chef Rick Bayless gave his top tips for picking the best every time.
Let's be real: you don't need a reason to make a refreshing frozen margarita, but Cinco de Mayo sure is a good one. While a pre-made margarita mix may seem like an easy way to streamline your drink-mixing, margaritas made from scratch blow the bottled stuff away — and it's much easier to make than you'd think.
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Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for "the fifth of May," is a celebration in remembrance of the Mexican victory over the French Army in 1862. (That's not the Mexican Independence, as many people mistakenly believe.) The commemoration is observed in regions of Mexico, but is also a widely popular holiday in the United States, honoring many people's Mexican heritage.
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This isn't your classic all-American chocolate cake. Throw in some spices — cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice — to evoke the warm flavors of Mexican chocolate with your very own Joshua John Russell "Man About Cake" creation.
It's Taco Tuesday in Chef Milo's Kitchen! The taco has endless combinations, but Chef Milo gives you the tools you'll need to nail the basics of taco construction. He also dances with Taco Guy ... you'll see.
Fact: everyone should have a back-pocket guacamole recipe for when guests show up. Ours comes from renowned chef Rick Bayless, who teaches our class, Essentials of Mexican Cooking. So go on and grab those perfect avocados and let's get guac-ing!
If you're like us, there's a bag of tortillas in your grocery cart pretty much every week. And while we'll never admit to getting bored with our go-to taco setup, it's always a good idea to mix things up. When we're feeling ambitious we do that by making corn tortillas from scratch using our trusty tortilla press. Those DIY tortillas make us wish every day was Taco Tuesday.
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