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We're firm believers that everyone should have a back-pocket guacamole recipe for when guests (especially — yikes — unexpected ones) show up at the door. This is ours. It comes from renowned chef Rick Bayless, who teaches our class Essentials of Mexican Cooking. Let's get guac-ing!
If you're like us, there's a bag of tortillas in your grocery cart pretty much every week. And while we'll never admit to getting bored with our go-to taco setup, it's always a good idea to mix things up. When we're feeling ambitious we do that by making corn tortillas from scratch using our trusty tortilla press. Those DIY tortillas make us wish every day was Taco Tuesday.
Ground beef? Check. Shredded cheese? Check. Bored already? We thought so. Bring the glory back to taco Tuesday (and taco everyday!) with these twists that are easy and so, so good.
Beni loves using guacamole to create new and interesting dishes. In this lesson, she shows you how to make grilled guacamole with toasted pepitas. You'll see how to safely pit, prep and grill avocados like a pro.
If your spice cabinet is anything like mine, it's a fun house. I love browsing through my collection and being surprised by what I find (hello, Urfa pepper!). But when I'm actually cooking, I definitely have my go-tos. Here are the 15 essentials every cook should keep around.  
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This is NOT your run-of-the-mill guacamole. It's a delicious twist that takes the summer staple straight into fall with sweet, juicy pomegranate seeds and crunchy walnuts. Find more like this in our class, Essentials of Mexican Cooking with Rick Bayless.
On the lookout for new recipes to shake up your weekly routine? Don't forget the fajitas! They're fast, simple and can be altered to suit however you're feeling that night.
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Chef Rick Bayless knows his way around a margarita. He literally wrote the book on authentic Mexican cooking, hosts the longtime PBS show Mexico: One Plate at a Time, and owns a bunch of bustling Mexican joints around the country. And lucky for us — and our happy hour buddies — he’s here to explain not only how to mix up this classic drink but also how to upgrade it to suit your specific tastes. Cheers to that!
Meet culinary expert Rick Bayless and start class by learning to make corn tortillas, plus three of Rick's most popular salsas, including green tomatillo; red chile and tomatillo; and roasted tomato with green chile.
Watch and learn as Chef Bayless prepares three different tacos: steak with serranos and onions; potato-chorizo; and Mexican-style zucchini. See how to assemble your tacos using the tortillas and salsas from the previous lesson and get tips for choosing the best-tasting cheese to top them all off.
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