Machine Embroidery
When it comes to machine embroidery, felt is a total rockstar. It can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from recycled water bottles to 100 percent wool. Regardless of which you choose, it's easy to use, has a soft texture and its thickness provides structure and a strong base for machine embroidery stitches.
Marjorie Busby
You don't need a longarm quilting machine to finish your quilt — stitch it with an embroidery machine instead! By quilting in the hoop, you can create quilts block by block, in long strips or stitch 'em whole. And with all the options your embroidery machine has, you can make quilts as simple or complex as you want.
Marjorie Busby
Sara shows several examples of embroidery both on shirts that were made from a pattern and shirts that were purchased as ready-to-wear.
Hand embroidery is often intricate and always beautiful. Machine embroidery can simulate the look of hand embroidery, such as cross-stitch. Sara demonstrates how!
In-the-hoop projects are a quick and easy way to make personalized items without a lot of fussy stitching. Sara shares different variations of gift bags made in the hoop to put gifts or gift cards and special messages inside of instead of using wrapping paper. The specific gift bag Sara demonstrates is the ITH Embroidery Design: Valentine's Gift Bag featured in Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine.
Sara demonstrates how to build a quote to embroider in the Hatch embroidery software. You could also do this on the screen of your embroidery machine.
Personalize your gifts with in-the-hoop gift tags! The gift tags Sara demonstrates double as gift card holders with their built-in pocket.
Decorative ribbon can enhance a wide variety of projects, but it's often expensive. Sara gives some tips and tricks for how to embroider on a plain ribbon, then demonstrates how it's done.
This project creates a sturdy and personalized name tag holder with a zippered storage pocket and a pen ribbon.
Track your work, add a custom sentiment for the person to whom you're giving the quilt, and let future generations know who made that heirloom piece by adding a quilt label!
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