Machine Quilting Basics
When you're free-motion quilting, there are a handful of snafus you can run into. But don't let frustration get the best of you! With these easy fixes, you'll be able to solve so many problems and be on your merrily quilting way.
Christa Watson
Close up of sewing machine stitching straight lines on blue fabric
Are you sure to want to remove this?
Straight line quilting is a simple and effective way to finish your quilts. You can do it on a home machine, and you only have to worry about moving your quilt in one direction. Play with the width between your lines of stitching for a denser or more airy effect.
Sure, quilting on a sewing machine is perfectly fine. But if you're ready to upgrade, you may want to look into a mid-arm quilting machine. Yes, they're pricier and take up more space, but they're specifically designed to make quilting soooo much easier. No idea how? Oh, let us count the ways.
Lindsay Conner
If there's anything we like more than making quilts, it's got to be free quilt patterns. Which is why Angela Walters, host of our uber-popular Midnight Quilt Show series, is our quilting BFF: not only can you download her most popular patterns below (did we mention they're free?!), but you can also stitch along with Angela as she works up each quilt. The only question: Which one will you make first?!
Angela is kicking off Season 7 of the Midnight Quilt Show with a redemption story. She’s made this Thistle quilt pattern before with half-square triangles but thinks this flying-geese version will be much easier to quilt.
It seems like only yesterday that Angela was stitching a baby quilt for her youngest daughter. Tonight, she's making a flower quilt for her daughter's new big girl bed. Power to the flower!
Ready to find your center? Tonight, Angela becomes one with the piecing as she makes a stress-relieving half-square triangle quilt.
This week, Angela's quilting a stash-busting table runner that's perfect for entertaining (plus, quick to whip up!), and sharing her favorite tips for throwing the perfect party!
Have you ever worked on a quilt that seemed intimidating, but wasn't that bad once you got into it? Watch as Angela checks this snazzy Snail's Trail quilt from her quilting bucket list.
Angela's reminded of her age as she relies on her kids to keep up with the digital world. Watch as she uses two basic shapes to create a mod half-square triangle quilt that's easier to make than it looks.
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