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They say to let sleeping dogs lie, so you may as well give them an adorable pet bed to do it on. Simply grab wool fabric that matches your pet's coat, then needle punch their defining features for the cutest little project. (Or big — you can easily resize this tutorial if you have, say, a Great Dane.)
Forget run-of-the-mill pet beds — your furry friend deserves a custom design. Whether you're making one for Ollie or Spot or Freckles, this needle punched bed is so comfy and cozy it's sure to be put to good use.
Fact: snacks taste better when served on a handcrafted mug rug. Or at least, that's how you'll feel once you stitch these cute coasters and mug rugs.
These coasters are the perfect way to greet your party guests ... and gently nudge them out at the end of the night. Two sides, two messages, one stellar quick-stitch craft!
If there's one party rule we follow, it's to never underestimate the power of handcrafted coasters. They're perfect for using scraps, they stitch up in a flash and the customization opportunities are endless — making 'em conversation starters for your next get-together. And if hosting isn't your thing, DIY coasters just so happen to be a functional and fun quick-stitch gift any host or hostess would love.
Whether you're hosting a whole crew of friends or simply serving your favorite dishes for a relaxing night in, there's nothing cuter than setting said meals on top of trivets that totally speak to your personality. These pig's head and lamb's tongue designs from our Maker Knows Best series are easy to make using basic punch needle techniques. Grab the templates, thread your needle and start punching!
If you've ever wondered what it would be like to craft alongside your mom or daughter, look no further than Christie and Isa Beniston. As the hosts of Maker Knows Best, this mother-daughter duo bonds over their shared creativity, even though it manifests in two totally different styles. We sat down with these lifelong makers to find out more about the role art has played in their relationship, and how their approaches differ when embroidering, sewing, quilting or punch-needling. (That's right, they're also versatile crafters! )
There are a ton of ways to sew a tote bag — with a lining, without a lining, with pockets on the inside, with pockets on the outside, with a quilted design — the list goes on and on. This tutorial breaks it down to the basics, teaching you how to make a simple tote with three panels. Once you've got that down, you can customize your bag however you want!
Christine Haynes
Traditional embroidery is great, but lately everyone's fiber radars seem to be focused on the beautiful textures created with punch needle (also called needle punching). The craft looks eerily similar to embroidery when you just see the tools, as you need embroidery floss or yarn, a hoop, fabric and scissors to start. But that extra tool — the punch needle itself — makes a big difference.
Ashley Little
Whether you're flying a red eye or simply trying to block out the light from your TV, there are many reasons to use a sleep mask and get some quality shuteye. The good news is that it's super easy to DIY, and only calls for a little bit of fabric. (Stash-buster project, anyone?) Whip up one for yourself, or go to town and make 'em for the whole fam so you can all get some beauty rest, stat.
Christine Haynes
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