You might have a good knife set, but that doesn't do you an ounce of good if you don't know how to use them. We'll give you the rundown on the most common types of kitchen knives and help you get a handle on the best tasks for each.
Jessie Oleson Moore
If you're like most Americans you eat a whole lotta chicken — around 93 pounds per person per year.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Learning how to make perfect pan-fried chicken legs will change your dinner game forever. Once you know how to create the ideal combination of ultra crispy skin and tender, moist meat, there is no going back.
Jessie Oleson Moore
To kick things off, Gail and and Dylan put a fresh spin on two traditional favorites. First, learn to make roasted and rolled turkey breast with maple, sage and sausage cornbread stuffing. Then Gail shares her mom's most-loved horseradish brisket recipe, with a twist.
According to Beni, tacos are one of the best appetizers ever invented (and we agree!). In this lesson, Beni teaches you how to make tacos like you've never tasted before: cilantro-pesto chicken and mushroom tacos! In a MasterChef twist, you'll learn how to make homemade pesto sauce, properly handle and grill chicken, prep mushrooms for grilling, and safely charr tortillas for extra flavor.
Nigella Lawson shows how easy it is to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen.
Nigella Lawson
We know what you’re thinking: Joshua John Russell is a professional chef and baker — of course his turkey is awesome. But we’re here to tell you that his go-to technique has nothing to do with his culinary school education and everything to do with one signature technique: he roasts the bird right inside a paper bag. Here’s why (and how!) he does it.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
A good stir-fry recipe is the ultimate saucy, spicy cure for a crazy weeknight. Even when you really don't feel like cooking, this fast, flavorful dish is basic enough to crank out in 20 minutes, and it's way better for you than takeout.
Allison Ruth
If you're in charge of roasting the festive turkey this year, there are two things to remember: 1) breathe, and 2) it's not as difficult as you might think.
When it comes to cooking chicken, you really oughta be braising your bird. Here's why.
Jessie Oleson Moore
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