Mother's Day
Here's some great news: using real flowers as cake decor doesn't require professional-level skill. In fact, fresh blooms can be way easier than fiddling with the sugar-based variety. Before you start trimming stems or snacking on petal scraps though, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.
While the thought of chomping on a flower petal can seem kind of unreal, it's totally not. Edible flower petals are a major game-changer for cake decorating, and when they're coated in sugar and candied, the flavor is next-level.
Erin Gardner
Gift tags are a great way to let kids put a handmade touch on their Mother's Day present. (Not to mention they save you a trip to the store.) But don't reserve this project for once a year — the whole fam can make a bunch to keep on hand for graduations, birthdays and holidays, so they're always ready for a special occasion!
Giova Brusa
Vintage birdcages are oh-so-pretty for flower arrangements and party decor, but they’re extra sweet when turned into cupcakes. Here’s how to make ‘em for your Mama Bird, or anybody else who makes your heart take wing.
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It's always a good time to bake a batch of donuts, but come spring you want them to have pretty pastel vibes. Enter this gluten-free version, which gets that pink color from beets (without any beet flavor). Serve 'em for Mother's Day, Easter or even Valentine's Day and your dessert will be totally on hue.
At peak season, why mess around with strawberry-esque or strawberry-flavored recipes when you can treat your taste buds to the real deal? It may take an extra step to make these authentic beauties, but they hit all the marks: moist, delicious, fresh, flavorful. Whip 'em up for Mother's Day, Easter or any random day of the week — when a recipe's this tasty, you don't need an excuse to bake it.
Kris Galicia Brown
Fact: the best gifts are ones you made yourself, and that's 100 percent true when gift-giving to mom. This Mother's Day, stitch her something she'll love for years to come.
Kathryn Vercillo
You don't need an excuse to make these pretty cake pops, but Mother's Day sure is a good one. Show your momma how much you care with these bite-sized treats — you could even pair 'em with an actual bottle of her favorite scent for an extra-sweet touch.
Kris Galicia Brown
You don't need any fancy cake decorating skills to make your mom these awww-dorable cupcakes. The secret is all in the cutters and molds you can use to make your job oh-so-simple. Whip 'em up to celebrate Mother's Day and get ready for all the heart-eye emojis coming your way.
Lynlee North Beckett
Create your brunch centerpiece with a baked frittata, an omelette-quiche hybrid that's healthy, crustless and oh-so-customizable. While most frittata recipes start on the stovetop, this method is even easier — just put your ingredients in a glass dish or pie pan, pop it in the oven and relax with your morning coffee.
Nicole Weston
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