Needle Arts
The seventies are back and way better than ever with rainbow-pocket jeans. We love these for kids, but if you want to make a pair for yourself, go for it. No judgment here. Get to it and find your pot of gold!
by Bluprint
Hooray! You finished that sweater. But don't throw it on just yet ... block it first to help it retain its shape as you wear it. (You don't want to end up with droopy sleeves or curled up hems later on!)
by Ashley Little
Are you stuck on the straight stitch? It's time to live a little! We'd like you to meet the zigzag stitch. It's found on every machine (even a really basic one), it's totally easy to use, and it's pretty darn clutch in a lot of tricky sewing situations. Now that's what we call a stitch fix!
by Emily Thompson
Your choice of crochet edge can seriously make or break your design. Sure, you can leave it unfinished, but choose the right edging stitch... and let the oohs and ahhs roll in!
by Lisa Gutierrez
You already know that knitting in the round is a total game-changer when you're stitching up all those fall sweaters. But when you're making something smaller (socks, sleeves, mittens, etc), you're gonna need to work some magic. For real, though! Consider the magic loop method your new best friend.
by Andrea Sanchez
A traditional Japanese needlework technique, sashiko was originally used for repairs and reinforcements. But today it's getting lots of love for its decorative purposes. The patterns are always graphic and repetitive, and they use only a basic running stitch (yes, beginners, you should try this!).
by Bridgeen Gillespie
Hand embroidery brings a personal touch to just about any project — from a quilt tag to a favorite quote. But hand embroidering letters can feel mighty intimidating, especially when it comes to the curves of each character. We'll help.
by Kristen Valencia
The larksfoot stitch pattern has been popping up in all sorts of patterns lately, and that's no surprise. I mean, just look at it! Use bright, contrasting colors in a yarn that is a DK-weight or heavier to make the biggest splash. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy to do. Grab some spare yarn and a hook and work up this small swatch. But be warned — it's addictive!
by Kathryn Senior
You probably know how to knit into the back of a stitch and — if you're really good — maybe even into the front of a stitch. But knitting into the stitch below is a little trickier. It's worth mastering, though, because it gives you a cozy, squishy fabric that lots of knitters associate with brioche (which, admittedly, is a bit of an advanced technique).
by Ashley Little
Warm, cozy snowflakes may sound like a contradiction, but trust us: wool snowflakes are worth the effort. These lacy beauties look equally good hanging from a tree or framed in a window. Why not knit up a few and create your own winter wonderland?
by Bluprint
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