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Needle felting is a craft that sounds way more complex than it actually is — and gets super cute results. What's not to love? With just a few basic tools and a simple tutorial, you'll be on your way to making adorably fuzzy animals, or any other felted creations you can dream up.
Ashley Little
We've all been there. You're quilting very happily ... until you suddenly discover you're out of border fabric. Or your seams are so wavy they become unintentional improv piecing. Or after you carefully measure again and again, somehow your blocks are all different sizes.
Lindsay Conner
If you feel even the slightest temptation to try lace knitting, give in to it. Knit lace is a classy fabric to work with, and even the simplest stitch patterns look intricate and impressive.
Lisa Gutierrez
When you're first starting to quilt, it's tempting to want to buy ALL the fabric. Makes sense: The zillions of colors, patterns, textures and weights out there are mesmerizing. Who can resist?
Sherri McConnell
We get it: To a beginner, maneuvering a needle up and down through all the layers of a quilt sandwich sounds kinda hard. But the truth is that hand quilting isn't nearly as challenging as you might think. In fact, all you need to know are a few simple stitching techniques. Nail 'em and you'll be turning out heirloom-quality quilts in no time.
Lindsay Conner
When you’re experimenting with a new sewing pattern, you do not want even one extra thing to do. But trust us when we say that making a muslin is so worth the added time.
Beth Galvin
Scissors are so humble and hard-working, sometimes it's easy to forget they're in your sewing kit. But here's a secret: They have superpowers. The right pair can take your sewing to new levels of awesomeness.
Linda Reynolds
When you think about colorwork — knitting with multiple colors — you might picture yourself sitting in a tangle of yarn, feeling so frustrated you're ready to SCREAM!!! That certainly was the case for me the first time I tried it.
Ashley Little
So you've outlined your embroidery pattern, maybe with a stem or split stitch. Pause for a second to admire your work. But just for a second, because here's your next task: filling in your design.
Kristen Valencia
Some people groove on the idea of spinning raw wool straight from the sheep. Things might get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun of working with natural fibers — it's what we call spinning “in the grease."
Laura Chau
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