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Embroidery is a nearly perfect hobby: It's relaxing, it's creative and there aren't too many rules. But some guidelines can help take your needlework to the next level. And one of the most basic is to avoid knotting your thread.
by Mary Corbet
It’s one thing to learn the basics of the knit stitch… and a totally other thing to actually complete a project. But lucky for you, we’re here to shorten up the distance from step one to step one-and-a-half on the road to knit super stardom.
by Bluprint
Next, see how to make increases as Xandy introduces the Knit, Yarn Over, Knit (KYOK) stitch. Notice the holes that are naturally created through increasing and discover a few ways to rein them in.
Then, learn all about decreases, specifically the Knit 5 Together stitch. Follow along as Xandy demonstrates many of the different ways you can create this complex decrease.
Meet Xandy and begin class with a discussion of the basic techniques and concepts of stacked stitch knitting. Then go over the materials you’ll need for your project, a stacked stitches scarf.
In this lesson, Xandy introduces the stacked stitch scarf pattern and talks about putting together all the skills you've learned. She also discusses some fun ways to use color in stacked stitches.
Finally, build on what you've learned to construct your own motifs. Xandy shows you how to use stitch stacks to create shaping outside of the stacks. Afterwards, she shares her own design process and some project show-and-tell. Plus, find out how she developed her famous Fox Paws pattern!
Ready to tackle a new knitting challenge? Try your hand at knitting stacked stitches with the help of expert Xandy Peters. You'll master the basics of this visually striking technique as you knit a stacked-stitched scarf from start to finish. Plus, you'll see how Xandy developed her famous Fox Paws pattern!
Xandy Peters
with Xandy Peters
Now, work increases and decreases together to create a puzzle piece swatch. Take a close look at your swatch to see if there's anything that's not quite right, and learn how to make fixes!
Everywhere we look, hoops are going green — literally! The #PlantLady trend has made it into the embroidery world, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. (Especially those of us who aren’t the best at remembering to water the real deal.)
by Noa Aga
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