Fact: you can never go wrong with a handmade gift. But if your recipient lives far away, navigating how to ship your homemade goods can be totally stress-inducing, especially a painting. What if it's too big for an envelope? Or it gets wet in transit?
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Kristen goes over everything you'll need for this simple and straightforward project. She also helps you find inspiration and make design decisions for your abstract work.
It's time to put color onto paper! Learn how to place your paint and create different textures, including a wash-like transparent covering using light oil. This will be the foundation for your piece. After that, Kristen gives advice on breaking through creative blocks.
Once your piece is dry, explore some other techniques you can use to add dimension and shapes. Plus, discover a super-easy way to build your own shadowbox frame.
See how to float-mount your piece for a sleek finished look. Now your abstract artwork is ready to hang on your wall or give as a gift!
Now it's time to add a layer of white and wax. See how to cover your piece with different pressures and strokes. Afterwards, watch the magic unfold as Kristen carves into the white to build texture and reveal the color underneath.
Learn how to mix other colors with wax to enhance shapes or cover areas that you're not happy with. With the final color, add accents or highlights to really make your piece pop. Then, mix white and wax back in to brighten things up.
Learn about Kristen's journey as an artist and the inspiration for her topographical abstract paintings.
Unleash your inner artist! Learn to paint an abstract piece in oil and wax with expert guidance from artist Kristen Abbott. Kristen walks you through the process step by step, sharing methods and techniques that you can use for this and future projects. Even if you're new to painting, you'll come away with a piece that you'll be proud to hang.
Kristen Abbott
Kristen Abbott
The days are getting longer, and you know what that means... more daylight for painting! So grab a palette and get ready to bloom, big time.
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