One-Hour Projects
Handmade mini paper baskets may just be the cutest way to gift candies, decorative eggs and other Easter treats. It's all thanks to a simple technique: paper weaving. Move the strips through one another, secure it with glue, stuff it with colorful artificial grass and say hello to your festive DIY gift wrap.
Kristen Magee
Forget store-bought cards: opt for one that's hand-painted instead! This lacy heart is perfect for that someone special on your Valentine's Day list.
Margie Moore
Handmade cards are lovely, but why stop there when you can DIY the envelope, too? Fabric envelopes are super cute, resuable and so much more personal than their store-bought cousins. Not to mention they're a genius way to use fabric scraps left over from your latest project. Slip in a small gift, an extra-special photo or, obviously, a card that truly sends a heartfelt message.
Swapping pillow covers might be the fastest (and easiest) way to revamp your space. But if you don't get the fit just right (like the pillow above on the right), your corners can end up sticking out and looking weirdly pointy. To make yours look more like the one on the left, follow this step-by-step for perfectly fitted pillow covers.
Potholders are the perfect project — they're quick and easy to stitch up, they make great gifts and you can use scraps left over from larger projects. Follow this tutorial and you'll have some ready to present in no time.
Sherri McConnell
Whether you're flying a red eye or simply trying to block out the light from your TV, there are many reasons to use a sleep mask and get some quality shuteye. The good news is that it's super easy to DIY, and only calls for a little bit of fabric. (Stash-buster project, anyone?) Whip up one for yourself, or go to town and make 'em for the whole fam so you can all get some beauty rest, stat.
Christine Haynes
When it comes to holiday decor, there's nothing better than going homemade. These ornaments are proof— they're made quickly with paper quilling, look totally trendy and you can guarantee no one else will have 'em on their tree. Plus, you can make one in under an hour!
Erin Curet
DIY party decor has never been easier than a simple — yet festive! — paper pennant banner. It makes a gorgeous backdrop for selfies and adds a finishing touch to any other decorations you've set up around the house. And guess what? The whole thing takes less than an hour to put together!
Kerry Buckley
Add some autumn cheer to your next sewing project! This little pincushion is super cute, and takes absolutely no time to make.
Diane Knott
Add some festive flair to your kitchen with the cutest mug rug and tea towel. They whip up in a flash, especially with our printable PDF template. Just follow the cut-outs, piece 'em together and do some simple stitching!
Diane Knott
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