Watercolor painting isn't just about where you put your paint, but also where you don’t. Leaving some white space on your paper gives your paintings contrast, creates highlights and puts the snow on those mountaintops.
Sandrine Pelissier
The days are getting longer, and you know what that means... more daylight for painting! So grab a palette and get ready to bloom, big time.
If you already know your way around the basics of brush and palette, it's time to let your skills set sail!
So many acrylic paints, so little time! If you ever wandered the aisles of an art-supply store feeling half-excited, half-overwhelmed, we feel you. You just need a little guidance. So here's a quick lesson on the main types of acrylics out there and what each can do for you.
Paul Heaston
A pet portrait is an excellent way to honor your fur baby, BFF (best feathered friend) or other beloved critter. Painting one is easier than it may look; in fact, you might be surprised to learn that capturing a pet’s likeness on canvas actually uses many of the same techniques as painting any portrait.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Refine your illustrations with more details, including shadows that incorporate all the colors of your palette and which add dimension. Create visual tension with some final pencil work and paint-pen highlights to complete your personal color reference chart, suitable for framing!
Capture your true colors in your project, beginning with a tiny rainbow. Learn the importance of setting constraints for you illustration, how to position your hand and blend your colors. Add salt to create a "bloom," and hand-lettering to identify your colors.
Begin with larger drawings to practice the concepts and identify what parts of your illustrations will translate well to smaller versions. Danielle demonstrates how to lightly sketch a succulent, goldfish and glass of lemonade, then bring them to life with your true colors.
Meet watercolor illustrator Danielle Donaldson and learn about the supplies you'll be using: watercolors, watercolor paper, a palette , watercolor brushes, a heat tool and common household supplies.
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