It's pretty much impossible to paint animals without knowing how to paint fur. True, not every species has fur, but if you want to paint animals that look real, at some point you'll need to deal with the fur factor.
Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz
Acrylic and watercolor might seem to live in two completely different universes. After all, the two mediums result in dramatically different looks. Acrylics deliver a flat, opaque, almost plastic-like finish. Watercolors, on the other hand, create a luminous look, full of tonal variations, depending on the amount of water used.
Jessie Oleson Moore
We all know that not-so-great January feeling. The twinkly holiday lights have come down, and regular routines once again take over. Fewer cookies, more responsibilities... sigh.
When you're painting a landscape or a seascape, keep your eye on the sky. Sunny, stormy, cloudless or hazy, the sky can play a supporting role in your composition, or it can be the most riveting element. 
Maria Stezhko
The final four artists must paint on a moving target. Later, they create a pop-up gallery from an abandoned arcade.
The winner is revealed in the Season 1 finale. Before that, the final three artists create huge murals to beautify a Los Angeles neighborhood.
The artists create murals commenting on the social divide between the rich and the poor. They then take on eco-friendly reverse graffiti to create murals about environmental issues in a downtown LA tunnel.
The artists use their creativity to change the meaning of everyday street signs into clever works of art. Then they head to Venice, where they have to create murals that incorporate objects from the street.
The artists attempt to please a group of children with their mural about mentorship for Big Brothers Big Sisters. They then partner with Polaroid to create photo realistic murals on the legendary graffiti walls of Venice Beach.
Ten street artists compete to win a $100,000 prize and to make a name for themselves. Street art legend Justin BUA and Lauren Wagner judge the artists' work as they make their mark on a high-rise billboard and in an underground tunnel.
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