Paper Crafts
If you're throwing a wedding on a budget, you've got a few things to consider before DIY'ing place cards: They've gotta be easy enough so you can whip up dozens, but you can't sacrifice the beauty. This sweet circle fits the bill — and it's totally customizable to suit your color scheme and style.
You've gawked at all those insanely gorgeous cakes on Pinterest with their wild wafer-paper flowers and collages. And you're wondering, what exactly is wafer paper — and how do I get it into my life, stat?
Jessie Oleson Moore
Paper crafts are always a blast to do, but heat embossing adds a magic touch. This technique lets you add textured elements to your card stock or paper, using stamps, ink and special powders. (It's all about the melt!) You won't need too many supplies to get started, and the results are gorgeous. Get ready to see just what you can do.
Kristen Magee
When it comes to DIY wedding crafts, it's gotta be beautiful, budget-friendly and easy to put together. This elegant centerpiece checks every box. Plus, it's totally unique — we guarantee your guests haven't seen anything like it — and it's completely customizable to your season, color scheme and theme. Go on, let those wedding bells ring!
Rainbows, rainbows everywhere … and all of them you can make! Bust out all your most colorful crafting supplies and let it pour all weekend.
We're way into the new craze called quilling. "Craze" is an unlikely word to describe a craft that dates back to the Renaissance, but whatever — it's trending.
Erin Curet
Quilling is all about paper, so it's weird that we don't get more excited about picking just the right type of paper. It's so easy to get caught up in planning our quilling projects that the paper practically has to scream, "Yoohoo, what about meeee?"
Erin Curet
Get off the computer and get your hands dirty! Graphic designers Stu and Nicky Alden walk you through screen-printing basics in this introductory series. Read the class materials for step-by-step instructions on how to expose screens for prints at home. For more in-depth guidance and hands-on experience, we suggest attending a local class or workshop after watching the class.
Nicky & Stu Alden
Nicky & Stu Alden
See how to remove stencils from your screens so you can use them again and again. No waste here!
Explore more advanced screen printing techniques as Stu and Nicky offer up some creative ideas.
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