Paper Crafts
Receiving holiday cards is one of the best parts of the season. But let's be real: you can only hang a certain amount on your refrigerator before you run out of magnets. Instead of tucking them away in storage (where they'll never be seen) or throwing them away (even worse!), why not upcycle them instead? Here are a few fun ways to breathe new life into those beloved holiday cards that arrive in your mailbox.
Kimberly Stoney
DIY party decor has never been easier than a simple — yet festive! — paper pennant banner. It makes a gorgeous backdrop for selfies and adds a finishing touch to any other decorations you've set up around the house. And guess what? The whole thing takes less than an hour to put together!
Kerry Buckley
Upcycle your old corks into a cute bulletin board!
Keep all of your cords and lights organized this Christmas with these cork-cord organizers.
Got a pile of old corks? Here's how to turn them into mini planters.
From protecting your wine to saving your table from hot dishes, wine corks do double duty.
Uncork your creativity and repurpose your wine cork collection with these easy DIY projects.
When you think of die cutting, you probably think of paper. But there are so many kinds of paper you can die cut, transforming them into shapes that make up the coolest projects. lf you're ready to go beyond the basic card stock (though that should definitely be used, too!), here are a few ideas to get you started.
Julia Stainton
We’re majorly crushing on all things succulent these days! Whether you’re looking for a cool way to display the real deal or just want to make a fun craft (hey, some of us have black thumbs and that's a-OK), these DIY ideas will instantly upgrade you to plant lady status.
Flora Shum shows how to craft a notebook, the perfect handmade gift for someone special.
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