Paper Crafts
Beautiful, bright-edged paper has been popping up everywhere from stationery shops to designer wedding invitations. But it's also beyond simple to make at home (and is a surefire way to get all those abandoned plain cards out of the drawer and into the mail). Bonus: this project's so easy you can do it with the kids!
Technically, calligraphy, requires special tools — usually a pointed pen and dip ink. But if you're just dabbling and haven't invested in calligraphy tools, don't fret: we've got some work-arounds that let you explore this craft with whatever you have on hand.
Laura Lavender
Mama and baby birds are a first sign of spring — and the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day. This card is fun to customize to your family, and we promise it'll come out great even if you've never watercolored before. Tweet!
Kateri Ewing
French artist Henri Matisse once described paper collage as "painting with scissors." Sounds fun, right? If you're new to paper crafting or curious about artistic collage, experimenting with these six techniques is a great place to start.
Sara Barnes
Paper quilling is just. so. cool. But if you're a beginner, the learning curve can be steep (and maybe even a little frustrating). Luckily, knowing a few key tips and hacks makes all the difference. You got this!
Erin Curet
Making your own stationary is THE BEST way to share your creativity with all your favorite peeps. And while you certainly can dive into the world of card making with nothing more than a pair of scissors, some construction paper and a bottle of white school glue, having a few more specialized tools and materials on hand will make the whole process a whole lot more fun.
Amy Robison
Once you get hooked on card making, you'll soon realize that simple paper-and-glue designs are really just the beginning. A dimensional, mixed-media approach takes cards to the next level, making your missive a true work of art.
Julia Stainton
Your extraordinary mom deserves a card that's equally original. This year, make Mother's Day POP with a 3D card you create yourself. (BTW, it's a lot easier to make than it looks.)
Hey color lovers, we've got the perf way to make your walls radiate joy. This dimensional wall art will brighten up your space and fill your days with pure positivity. Say it with us: Yay!!
Get hoppin' and string up a colorful, festive garland before that Easter Bunny arrives! This project is easier than dying eggs, and is a great way to get the whole fam in on the decorating.
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