Paper Crafts
Meet Valerie and will go over the supplies you'll need.
Learn how to prepare your chalkboard and chalk.
Find inspiration. Learn how to draw a preliminary pencil sketch before you get started on chalkboard.
Learn three basic lettering styles that you can apply to any chalk lettering design.
Learn how to draw embellishments and flourishes that can enhance your designs, and get insider tips, tricks and inspiration to continue your chalk lettering adventures.
Turn your designs up a notch by adding shadows and dimensions to all lettering styles.
Add flourishes, illustrations and personal touches to your handwritten designs.
In this class from our partners at Brit & Co., learn how to draw words, phrases, and illustrations with chalk.
Valerie McKeehan
Valerie McKeehan
Sharisse shows you how to use the course worksheets to practice basic brushstrokes.
Learn how to build and connect letters using various strokes.
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