Your colorwork design is ready to go! Now learn basic color theory principles that will help you choose the best yarn for your cowl project.
Review Kyle's techniques and tricks for successful stranded knitting on a smaller swatch before beginning the cowl project.
Meet Kyle Kunnecke. In his class, you'll learn all the techniques you need to create your own colorwork motifs and use them to knit a beautiful, unique cowl.
How do you choose which motif to use? What is the best way to keep inspiring photos and magazine cut-outs organized? In this lesson, Kyle helps you take your first steps toward creating your own cowl design.
Learn how to take a single simple motif and build it into a repeating pattern.
Once you understand how to manage a repeating pattern, learn how to develop your own motif. Discover how manipulate your design for visual effect, and create your own knitting chart.
Writing your own cowl pattern is easier than you think. Use Kyle's Cowl Recipe Worksheet to turn your colorwork motif into a finished cowl pattern. Take your time and fill in each section to get a great result.
You don't have to be crochet expert to master this helpful technique. Use the crochet provisional cast-on when you want to knit matching edgings on your cowl.
Do you love colorwork but find yourself getting tired of the same traditional motifs? Let Kyle Kunnecke teach you how to create your own graphic designs and use them in a custom cowl pattern! Plus, knit a one-of-a-kind custom cowl you designed from start to finish!
Kyle Kunnecke
Kyle Kunnecke
When you sew clothes, you're probably going to use a sewing pattern. So if you're uncertain about how that all works, now is a great time to get past that. Here, we're working with a traditional printed paper pattern. But many of the same guidelines apply when you're dealing with a digital pattern too. Let's break down the essential info.
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