Get started by sorting out (or cutting up) your fabric scraps for improvisational piecing. Christina shows you how to sew them together to form stripes, rail fence blocks and shapes. Plus, see how diagonal strips add movement to your patchwork.
Even the smallest fabric pieces can be used to create something beautiful! Learn to piece tiny scraps, or "crumbs," into longer strips. Christina shares tips on pairing crumb strips and keeping your sewing moving for unexpected combinations.
No need to be precise for this traditional quilt block! Find out how to build your improv piece from the center out with tips for chain piecing multiple blocks. Then look at other variations, including partial log cabins, unique block settings and angled log cabins.
What to do with those leftover shapes and pieced blocks you have lying around? Christina shows you how to marry precision-cut and improv pieces with ease using a few different techniques.
Combine the patchwork you made to create two fabric panels. These will become the front and back of your tote. Put the pieces together with a contrast fabric bottom, then quilt them with simple straight lines.
Finish off your eclectic tote with simple construction techniques. Add straps, shape the tote with boxed corners and insert lining for a clean finish. Christina even offers an optional way to stabilize the bag bottom.
Wondering what to do with all your leftover fabric scraps? Designer Christina Cameli shows you how to piece them together without a pattern to create a gorgeous patchwork tote. With Christina's intuitive approach to patchwork, you can have more fun and improvise as you go!
Christina Cameli
Christina Cameli
Turkeys, orange leaves and pumpkins, oh my! Thanksgiving decor sometimes gets overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas, but there's ample room in our DIY hearts for Turkey Day to shine. Before the big meal, crochet your way into a fab and festive setup with these fun projects.
Ashley Little
Here's a little secret about advanced crochet stitches: they're all variations and different combinations of the basic crochet stitches! So, if you're looking to stitch up something a little fancier and know how to crank out a double crochet, you can totally work these next-level stitch combos. Get ready for texture, color and all the lacy goodness.
If you're looking for a way to show off all your gorgeous fabric scraps, this is the perfect project. Mix and match patterns and prints, or keep things simple with a limited palette. Once you've picked your fabric, things really start to speed up — simple fusing and topstitched wool felt strips add a quilted look (no piecing required!), so even if you're not super confident in your quilting skills, you can definitely pull off this project.
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