When it comes to pants, fit is everything. Even getting it slightly off can make the difference between a pair you wear all the time and one that lives in the drawer, causing a pang of regret every time you glance at it.
Christine Haynes
This just in: you no longer have to wear your heart on your sleeve. In fact, we recommend carrying it around in your hands, literally! These simple knit mitts get a bit of V-Day love with stitched embellishments. (Or any embellishments you want, really.)
Here's your chance to show off your team's colors AND your stitching skill! This scarf knits up really quick, so even if the game is right around the corner, you can still flaunt your colors up like the super fan you are.
Hats are fun to knit. Fact. You only have to make one (I'm looking at you, socks), they can be as simple or as complicated as you want, and they work on pretty much anyone. We've rounded up 7 beginner-friendly patterns, so no matter where you are in your knitting journey, you can knock out alllll the hats.
Texture is totally the star of this hat: you've got two different yarns held together for a bit of woolly goodness and a hit of alpaca fuzz. And when you go with neutral tones, the nubby stitch pattern really gets a chance to shine. (But don't worry, it's just knits and purls!). Add a faux fur pompom to really push the fuzz factor over the top.
Squishy, cozy and cool: this just might be the perfect hat. It knits up super quickly (thanks bulky yarn!), and you can make a million different color-blocked variations. Seriously, try to stop after knitting just one.
We're calling this ombré technique 'faux Fair Isle': by cleverly slipping stitches (also sometimes called mosaic knitting), you can get two colors in the same row, but only have to carry one color. Sneaky!
If you're looking at your holiday make list and starting to panic, we've got you! These crochet snowflakes are fast, easy, cute and totally giftable. Stitch up a flurry and show that list who's in charge.
Dedri Uys
These crocheted ornaments are every kind of perfect: simple to make and soooooo cute. You can customize the pattern in endless ways (thick stripes, thin stripes, no stripes!), so you'll never get bored making them. Which is why every single person on your list might get one this year.
Maria Weaber
Once you realize how easy this bow is to make, you're going to put them on literally everything. Crochet a small rectangle, wrap the center, and you've got a bow. Genius.
Kathryn Vercillo
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