Fact: snacks taste better when served on a handcrafted mug rug. Or at least, that's how you'll feel once you stitch these cute coasters and mug rugs.
Valentine's Day is for recognizing the ones you love, and what better way to do so than through the craft you adore? Cast on and stitch these knits for your favorite people in honor of all those warm and fuzzy feelings.
Ashley Little
Fact: chevron never goes out of style, especially in crochet. And while it may seem like an advanced technique, as long as you can single crochet and increase and decrease stitches, you can create eye-catching chevron colorwork. Here's how to make it happen in your next project.
Kathryn Vercillo
Looms aren't just for weaving — when you've got one, you can wield your yarn and make knitwear without having to pick up a single needle. It's a great alternative to traditional knitting, and a solid option for those who can't hold needles (like those with arthritis).
Ashley Little
Learn more about Jhoan Sebastian's personal story and design process. See fashion creativity in action as he works with a mood board and sketches the skirt he'll be sewing.
Wondering what to do with all your leftover fabric scraps? Designer Christina Cameli shows you how to piece them together without a pattern to create a gorgeous patchwork tote. With Christina's intuitive approach to patchwork, you can have more fun and improvise as you go!
Christina Cameli
Christina Cameli
Finish off your eclectic tote with simple construction techniques. Add straps, shape the tote with boxed corners and insert lining for a clean finish. Christina even offers an optional way to stabilize the bag bottom.
Get started by sorting out (or cutting up) your fabric scraps for improvisational piecing. Christina shows you how to sew them together to form stripes, rail fence blocks and shapes. Plus, see how diagonal strips add movement to your patchwork.
Even the smallest fabric pieces can be used to create something beautiful! Learn to piece tiny scraps, or "crumbs," into longer strips. Christina shares tips on pairing crumb strips and keeping your sewing moving for unexpected combinations.
No need to be precise for this traditional quilt block! Find out how to build your improv piece from the center out with tips for chain piecing multiple blocks. Then look at other variations, including partial log cabins, unique block settings and angled log cabins.
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