Pizza's a win no matter what, but when you want to up the fun factor, turn your food into a friend! All you have to do is shape your dough and arrange your toppings to make these cute critter faces.
Think sandwiches are the only way to make Turkey Day leftovers meal-worthy? No way. Load 'em up on a homemade pizza crust and bake until toasty. A hearty meal like this is sure to keep you warm all day long.
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San Francisco is often referred to as the most important food city in America. Here, Peter drops in on a couple of places that are "setting the table" for the rest of the country: Pizzeria Delfina and Tartine, where America's best loaf of bread in reportedly baked.
Peter and his team visit the Cass House in Cayucos, California, where they meet talented local chef Jensen Lorenzen and his wife, Grace. Peter joins Jensen in creating new coastal-inspired pizzas in his wood-fired oven. And they can't resist the area's best fish tacos and smoked fish, which they use to build a smoked fish pizza.
Peter journeys to Basta restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, to meet chef Kelly Whitaker. Kelly is challenged to develop a pizza centered on BelGioioso Fontina cheese. Afterwards, they travel to The Bruery in Orange County, California, and ask the team there to develop a beer that complements their pizzas. The reveal and judgment come at the Great American Beef Festival in Denver.
Pizza has taken a leading role in Hollywood, especially at Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza. Take a look inside Nancy's creative process as you follow her pies from La Brea Bakery, where the dough is made, to the pizzaiolos who show us some of their techniques.
Peter returns to San Francisco to visit Anthony Mangieri at his pizzeria, Una Pizza Napoletana. Anthony is a minimalist — a pizza purist, you could say — who specializes in the Neapolitan style. Find out when motivates him to craft the perfect pizza.
Peter attends the International Pizza Expo Demo to visit his friends from Forno Bravo, a leading wood-fired oven manufacturer. Then, while cooking up delicious pies in the Santa Barbara wine country, he explores early cooking methods, and the importance of cooking and sharing food around a communal hearth.
Peter travels to California to visit World Pizza Cup champion Tony Gemignani. Together they head to tomato country in Stanislaus County to see where America's best tomatoes are grown.
What is it that separates good pizza from great pizza? Find out as you journey into the heart of this popular food with Peter Reinhart, a world-class expert on artisan bread baking and pizza making. In this seven-part series, we travel the California coast — stopping in Colorado — in the pursuit of perfect pizza and the fascinating people who make it. Each episode centers on artisan techniques and recipes, from the traditional Italian to gourmet spins using local ingredients, and explores the powerful emotions that pizza gives rise to (pun intended).
Peter Reinhart
Peter Reinhart
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