No fancy fondant skills or cupboards full of cake decorating tools are required for this narwhal. And that cute whale shape? It's your favorite snack cake hiding under there. Let's make some cake magic!
Easter is just a hop away, so it's time to stitch all things bunnies. Choose one of these rabbit-inspired crafts and you'll have a holiday keepsake for years to come.
Veronica Lovvorn
Handmade mini paper baskets may just be the cutest way to gift candies, decorative eggs and other Easter treats. It's all thanks to a simple technique: paper weaving. Move the strips through one another, secure it with glue, stuff it with colorful artificial grass and say hello to your festive DIY gift wrap.
Kristen Magee
Reasons to love crochet circle vests: there's no shaping involved, they're cute wardrobe additions and they all follow the same basic formula. If you can crochet a circle, you can make a simple, fashionable vest. But don't stop there — these garments can be made in any yarn and have a ton of variations for total customization.
Kathryn Vercillo
Don't let your cakes fall flat — bring the texture and wow party guests with your impressive piping skills. Best part: they'll never know each of these designs is totally beginner-friendly!
There's an easy (and fun!) way to make fabric you won't see anywhere else: block printing. By carving a block and using it to stamp a pattern onto fabric — which you can learn to do in Fabric Design: Block Printing — you'll never stress about finding the perfect material for any sewing, quilting or home decor project ever again. But block printing is only half the fun: what you make with that one-of-a-kind fabric is what'll give you that awesome 'I did it!' moment.
Forget store-bought cards: opt for one that's hand-painted instead! This lacy heart is perfect for that someone special on your Valentine's Day list.
Margie Moore
Valentine's Day is sweet on its own, but you can make it even better with a sugar rush. These cakes and cupcakes will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially when shared.
Everyone loves a good pun, especially when it's on top of a cupcake. Make these adorably sheepish fondant toppers for Valentine's Day and you're guaranteed to spark a few laughs.
Lynlee North Beckett
Who says you can't teach a robot to love? This little guy is shining with Valentine's Day spirit, and he's guaranteed to look oh-so-cute on top of your holiday cupcakes. Make him while blasting "Love Machine" to truly get in the heartfelt mood.
Lynlee North Beckett
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