Quilt Blocks
Rule number one: don't throw out those fabric scraps, even the thinnest of strips. After all, you can use 'em to make a totally new project — like a string quilt! These block are simple to quilt and make use of every bit of your fabric stash. What's not to love?
Sherri McConnell
Begin by cutting your fabric pieces into squares and rectangles, which you'll use to piece each block. Vanessa helps you keep track of your fabric and shares tips for staying organized as you go.
Get started with the Plateau block, a simple geometric design that goes together in rows. Vanessa shows you how to keep your colors in order, and adjust your stitch length when pressing seams open. After that, build the Desert Cross in sections. See how to trim your block accurately for a perfectly centered design.
Practice using a template to cut trapezoidal bases for each block, and then sew and flip to make the angled parts. You’ll create the Succulent and Moon Cactus blocks using similar techniques. And, get tips avoiding common mistakes when sewing triangular pieces.
Once you've basted and quilted your pieces, finish them like a pro! Vanessa demonstrates how to carefully trim away excess batting, leaving enough backing fabric to bind the edges. Fold each edge over twice (using glue basting to keep it tidy). Then stitch it into place for an easy finish. Plus, find out how to add hanging sleeves and dowels for a professional-looking display.
Dress up your walls with Southwestern style! Learn how to piece a set of four mini quilts designed by Melissa Eubanks. Get step-by-step tips from the Crafty Gemini, Vanessa Vargas Wilson, as you sew two geometric blocks and two succulent blocks. Practice using templates and the sew-and-flip method (for perfect points), plus an easy wrap-around binding technique.
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
Fact: there's no better way for quilters to celebrate the Fourth of July than by stitching a scrappy flag quilt block. Your only decision: whether to make it your only patriotic quilt project, or the first of many!
Diane Knott
Take the pieces you've made to craft a custom table topper.
Complete your table décor with colorful, quilted placemats.
Meet Kate and get started on your first project, a fun and easy throw pillow.
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