In broad daylight, this finished cake may look a bit boring. But once you have it under black lights, you'll get a jaw-dropping cake that positively glows!
Jessie Oleson Moore
Every beautifully decorated cookie begins with a solid sugar cookie recipe. It needs to have plenty of butter, as that's what makes it easy to roll and re-roll the dough as you wield your cookie cutter. The cut-outs should also be able to hold their shapes well during baking and not puff too much, regardless of whether they're baked when the dough is chilled or warm.
Ashley Rodriguez
Sometimes, there's truly nothing better than starting your day with a bagel. Especially a homemade one. But you can make that morning meal even better by DIYing your cream cheese, too. It's easy to pull off, so long as you plan ahead — the recipe below needs to sit overnight, so you can whip it up and enjoy the next day.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Crispy, chewy, caramel-y … there are SO many reasons to love canelés! In this short tutorial, pastry chef Jenny McCoy shows you how to make this delicious dessert from start to finish.
Jenny McCoy
Jenny McCoy
A massive ball of cheese on the table makes a big, "welcome to our party! " statement. How could it not? It's lovably retro, easy to make in advance and a cinch to customize. So go on and choose your own cheese ball adventure below — just don't forget the crackers.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Make this holiday classic even better.
Want to add some drama to your cake? Find out how to use gum paste and modeling chocolate to create dramatic shadow patterns.
Finish off your cake with stunning (and edible) wafer paper flowers! Rachael shares her secrets to designing and coloring lifelike orchids.
Now it's time to stack your individual tiers and build your cake. Rachael discusses sticking points and shares troubleshooting tips to make sure it all comes together seamlessly.
See how easy it is to create realistic concrete texture with Rachael's grated fondant technique. Then, learn to make gorgeous ganache drip accents painted with a vibrant shimmer.
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