Ready to push your limits and impress party guests with an over-the-top cake design you can't find anywhere else? This wow-worthy wedding cake by Rachael Teufel has interior pipes so you can pour champagne (or other drinks) through it! Rachael shows you how to build it step by step, along with other eye-catching cake decor. Now you can have your cake and sip from it, too.
Rachael Teufel
Rachael Teufel
Want to add some drama to your cake? Find out how to use gum paste and modeling chocolate to create dramatic shadow patterns.
Finish off your cake with stunning (and edible) wafer paper flowers! Rachael shares her secrets to designing and coloring lifelike orchids.
See how easy it is to create realistic concrete texture with Rachael's grated fondant technique. Then, learn to make gorgeous ganache drip accents painted with a vibrant shimmer.
Get started by planning out your cake, from the base structure to the internal workings that make the magical pour-through possible.
Now it's time to stack your individual tiers and build your cake. Rachael discusses sticking points and shares troubleshooting tips to make sure it all comes together seamlessly.
Not all holiday treats need to be big and elaborate. This easy-to-make buttercream is packed with holiday flavor, so use it for all your Christmas cakes and cupcakes.
Felicity and Krystle
Make your favorite pie even sweeter by putting it in a chocolate crust! All you do is substitute a portion of flour traditional pie dough recipes call for with cocoa powder (yeah, it's that easy).
Jessie Oleson Moore
It's officially soup season, and we're celebrating with allll the seasonal flavors. You can use any winter squash for this recipe, but butternut squash or pumpkin are high on our list of favorites.
Ashley Rodriguez
Going gluten-free for your pie crust is surprisingly simple — maybe even more simple than making traditional pie crusts. It's all thanks to the all-purpose gluten-free flour blend (you can easily find it at Trader Joe's and many other grocery store) — whereas traditional crusts need to rest before you roll it out, gluten-free crusts can go directly from the mixing bowl to the pie plate, saving you precious time. Choose this recipe for your next key lime pie or pumpkin pie!
Nicole Weston
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