When you crochet a scarf, some stitches are better than others — especially when you need both warmth and style. Play around with these options and find the one that fits your neckwear needs best.
Kathryn Vercillo
Before starting your shawl, it's important to know how to measure stitch and row gauge. Completing this step ensures that your finished project will turn out just as you'd hoped.
Start your shawl with a simple technique for a magic ring. Vanessa offers tips on how to keep track of your rows and never lose a turning chain. You'll also see how to change colors seamlessly.
Finish your wrap with funky oversized tassels. Vanessa also shares tips for how to easily wrap consistent yarn lengths. You'll learn how to attach them, quickly steam-block the wrap and weave in the ends.
Stitch up a triangular wrap designed by MJ's Off the Hook Designs that will keep you cozy through the winter. Build the shape with simple increases and get Vanessa's tips for changing colors. Afterwards, find out how to finish it like a pro, tassels and all!
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
The first step to any successful knitting project is matching your stitch gauge to the design's gauge. Vanessa will show you how to measure stitch and row gauge to be sure you're on track.
See how to tie and trim tassels to finish the ends of your scarf. Then, see how to soak and wet block the scarf to amplify the drape.
Navigate the construction of this scarf with tips for how to change colors, join the center triangles and keep track of more complex pattern instructions. Plus, learn a tip to corral all those tassel ends as you knit.
This gorgeous geometric scarf designed by Jennifer Weissman starts with two triangles and builds from the center out. Vanessa shows you how to knit stripes and slip-stitch texture, before adding mini tassels. Plus, learn how to block your scarf for a perfect finish.
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
Vincent and Morgan make cowls to fit their unique styles. They also add buttons for a little extra flair.
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