Mistakes happen. Learn the easiest ways to fix common mistakes.
Use the skills you've learned to create a black and white snood (cowl).
Learn how to create the foundation of your knit by starting with a row of stitches on your needle.
Learn the basic knitting stitches and techniques that you'll use in your final project.
Meet Jade and learn more about the class.
Jade goes over the supplies you'll need.
Once you're comfortable with the two key techniques for knitting with beads, it's time to put them into action! Follow along as Laura demonstrates how to cast on the cuff, working a clasp into the cast-on edge. Then, using both beading techniques, work through the beaded section and complete your cuff.
Now it’s time to knit up your final project, a top-down triangle shawl. Learn how to read a chart for bead placement and work a bind-off with placed beads.
Begin as Laura gives an overview of your projects, a beaded cuff and shawl. Then she goes over the tools and materials you'll need to get started.
Another option is pre-stringing beads onto your yarn, and then knitting them into your fabric. Laura shows you the best way to pre-string beads onto yarn, plus a few different methods for incorporating beads as you knit.
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