Picture this: You go to the fabric store, pick out the perfect materials for your next project, and come home only to realize that — doh — you already have great fabric you could have used tucked away in a forgotten corner of your sewing room.
Lindsay Conner
Show of hands: Anyone have a pile of random granny squares just sitting around? Thought so. Time for a stash-busting project!
Kathryn Vercillo
What happens when you combine the warm and fuzzy art of knitting and crochet with the gritty urban landscape? A phenomenon known as knitfiti, or yarn bombing!
Jessie Hemmons
Pop quiz: Old T-shirts are perfect for A) wearing to bed, B) turning into rags or C) making yarn? The answer is all of the above, but today we're talking about yarn.
Kathryn Vercillo
Pom pom emergencies are real. Sometimes you need a yarn pom pom pronto when you're knitting a hat, scarf, tea cozy or anything else that needs a little cheer.
Ashley Little
No need to spend big bucks decking out the tree this year, just raid your craft stash to make these easy pieces!
These crocheted ornaments are every kind of perfect: simple to make and soooooo cute. You can customize the pattern in endless ways (thick stripes, thin stripes, no stripes!), so you'll never get bored making them. Which is why every single person on your list might get one this year.
Maria Weaber
Once you realize how easy this bow is to make, you're going to put them on literally everything. Crochet a small rectangle, wrap the center, and you've got a bow. Genius.
Kathryn Vercillo
Make a small, personal gift like jewelry even cooler by packaging it up in an adorable, reusable pouch you sewed yourself!
Linda Reynolds
Let's be real, even when you set the best intentions, sometimes it's just not possible to knit something for everyone on your list. Except maybe it is, because we bet you can knock out these handknit gift card holders in about the same amount of time it will take you to buy the gift card itself.
Ashley Little
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