There's a lot to love about handknit socks, but the best part is there's no one way to do it. Take the heel, for example — you can knit a heel flap, an afterthought heel or a short row heel.
Lisa Gutierrez
Call us crazy, but there's honestly nothing better than a good pair of socks — especially when they're handmade. Though crocheting socks can be tricky if you've never tackled 'em before, when you have a game plan — and these handy tips — you can crush it. A fair warning, though: once you go handmade, you'll never want store-bought socks again.
Kathryn Senior
If you're looking for a sewing project that can provide some instant gratification, here's a suggestion: socks. Not only can you knock out a pair in just a few hours, but they're also super easy and inexpensive to make. Whether you're using a drafted pattern or making one from a pair you already own, these thrifty tricks will help you sew up some socks that are cozy, comfy and easy on your craft budget.
Ashley Little
We've all been there: you have a baby shower to attend, and need to whip up a handmade gift, stat. Never fear — these adorable baby socks are quick, cute, and the parents-to-be will love them. The best part? They don't take much yarn. In fact, you probably have enough sock yarn leftover from the last pair you knit yourself!
Most sock knitters have strong feelings about how they get the job done. If you're one of them, you're probably decisive about cuff-down vs. toe-up, and you've figured out a way to perfectly graft those toes. We're not about to mess with all that! But...sometimes trying a new technique, like the magic loop method, can revolutionize the way you knit socks. Just sayin'.
Ashley Little
Knitting your first pair of socks is sort of a rite of passage for knitters. Socks can seem a bit fiddly to the uninitiated, but once you complete a pair you'll realize they are SO worth it.
Your sock heel is pretty much the last thing in the world you think about — ever. Except when it's time to knit a pair of socks. That's when sock heels get their revenge. How? By being so freaking hard to knit, at least the first time (or second ... or sixth time). When you're learning how to knit a cuff-down sock, things usually go pretty smoothly, but the pattern can get crazy once you get to the heel.
Hand-knit socks should give you all the feels. They should be pretty, cozy and they should fit you like they were made for you (because, um, they were).
Ashley Little
There are two kinds of sock knitters in the world: Those who swear by double-pointed needles and those who looooove their magic loop.
Ashley Little
Knitting's the gift that keeps on giving, and these seven classes are the proof. Even if you've knit for decades, we PROMISE you'll learn something new and come away more in love with your craft than ever. (If that's even possible.)
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