It's officially soup season, and we're celebrating with all the seasonal flavors. You can use any winter squash you'd like for this recipe, but butternut squash and pumpkin are high on our list of favorites.
Ashley Rodriguez
Spoiler alert: sweet potatoes are more versatile than you might think. There are soooo many ways to prepare this veggie; we promise you'll find your next favorite on this list.
How much soup can one family consume? In deep winter, there may be no limit! That’s why we’ve rounded up our absolute faves to make next week’s soup supper the very best ever. All you need is a hungry crew (and maybe a loaf of bread!)
Finally, a cooking show about real life, where real problems pop up and real mistakes happen. In this Craftsy Original series, at-home cooks Robin Miller and Katie Workman tackle common kitchen conundrums with simple solutions that get dinner on the table amidst a busy schedule — and dish up some laughs along the way.
Katie Workman & Robin Miller
Katie Workman & Robin Miller
There's nothing quite like a big bowl of soup to warm you up from the inside out! While standing over the stove for a few hours is one way to beat the chill, I prefer soups that are a little bit lower maintenance. This wonderful roasted fall vegetable soup is easy to put together and so delicious that you'll find yourself making it all season long. 
Nicole Weston
If you have a high-speed blender, you can make this Chili Lime Black Bean Soup in a flash. With this Vitamix soup recipe, you can turn dinner duties over to your blender and still have a healthy meal on the table in less than 20 minutes. The best part? It's absolutely delicious. 
Allison Ruth
Lasagna is comfort food, even if you didn't grow up in an Italian family. The baked pasta dish has layer upon layer of cheese, meat and more cheese that will put you into a food coma - albeit a delicious one. Instead of overindulging in this Italian classic this winter, try finding comfort in a bowl of lasagna soup - a lighter, but no less delicious - alternative to this classic dish. 
Nicole Weston
Learn to tackle whole grains easily and efficiently. Perfectly cook wheat berries for use in tasty Asian-inspired larb wraps. See how to create a creamy butternut squash risotto without endless stirring.
Start making traditional Sunday dishes on a weeknight. See how to cook large cuts of meat in a no time. Create a classic pulled pork recipe and traditional pot roast. These dishes are sure to please, any night of the week. Also, get a front row seat for Mark and Bruce's discussion on bone-in vs. boneless cuts.
Start by learning the benefits of working with a pressure cooker, such as increased moisture retention, quicker cooking and a variety of textures, from tender meat to al dente vegetables. You'll also get an introduction to the two types of cookers, stovetop and electric, and the different release types, quick and natural.
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