How much soup can one family consume? In deep winter, there may be no limit! That’s why we’ve rounded up our absolute faves to make next week’s soup supper the very best ever. All you need is a hungry crew (and maybe a loaf of bread!)
Finally, a cooking show about real life, where real problems pop up and real mistakes happen. In this Craftsy Original series, at-home cooks Robin Miller and Katie Workman tackle common kitchen conundrums with simple solutions that get dinner on the table amidst a busy schedule — and dish up some laughs along the way.
Katie Workman & Robin Miller
Katie Workman & Robin Miller
Discover blender techniques for easier, less-expensive dishes, from sweet crêpes to savory salsas, sure to turn weeknight meals into something special again!
Nicki Sizemore
Nicki Sizemore
Cook dry pasta in seconds! See how to create a casserole with perfectly sized meatballs, gooey cheese, and, as a bonus, see how to make a crispy topping for added textural variety.
You can even make desserts in your pressure cooker! See how to fit six ramekins in your electric cooker to create decadent Mexican Pots de Crème. Then make a moist and creamy cheesecake using low pressure so the filling doesn't bubble over. You'll even learn a trick to get your pan in and out of the cooker with ease.
Many people buy pressure cookers to cook beans. Pressure cookers make cooking faster, give beans an even texture, and reduce that pesky foaming. Use your beans to make a hearty cannellini bean soup.
Learn to tackle whole grains easily and efficiently. Perfectly cook wheat berries for use in tasty Asian-inspired larb wraps. See how to create a creamy butternut squash risotto without endless stirring.
Start making traditional Sunday dishes on a weeknight. See how to cook large cuts of meat in a no time. Create a classic pulled pork recipe and traditional pot roast. These dishes are sure to please, any night of the week. Also, get a front row seat for Mark and Bruce's discussion on bone-in vs. boneless cuts.
Create flavorful dishes with smaller cuts of meat. Cook a lamb curry with beautifully developed spices. Then make a more Mediterranean-inspired dish with chicken thighs, fennel, olives and lemons. Plus, discover a quick and easy way to clarify butter.
Start by learning the benefits of working with a pressure cooker, such as increased moisture retention, quicker cooking and a variety of textures, from tender meat to al dente vegetables. You'll also get an introduction to the two types of cookers, stovetop and electric, and the different release types, quick and natural.
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