With its bright color and tart taste, rhubarb is a must-grow veggie for your spring garden. While you may not want to munch on the raw stalks — they're fairly sour — rhubarb becomes sweeter (and recipe-ready) when cooked. And because it's so versatile, you can incorporate it into a variety of dishes to satisfy your exact craving.
Ashley Rodriguez
You don't need another excuse to quilt, but Easter sure is a good one. With the holiday's iconic bunnies, eggs and springtime flowers, there are a ton of different must-make motifs to choose from.
Sherri McConnell
Paint a duckling that'll waddle right into your heart. It's the perfect Easter — or springtime— project!
Margie Moore
You don't need an occasion to make a card, but Easter sure is a good excuse. Craft these three versions super-quick, then send them to friends and fam in honor of Bunny Day. Bonus points if you pair 'em with a handmade envelope!
Michele Boyer
If you want Easter to be the cutest it can be, you've got to make a few amigurumi projects. With yarn, a hook and some stuffing, you can craft your very own stuffed animals to gift in Easter baskets or use for aww-dorable decoration. So start perfecting that magic ring and pick your favorite pattern below!
Kathryn Vercillo
The weather is warming up, but don't you dare put those knitting needles away. You can spring into Easter with these colorful knitting patterns. From adorable bunnies and chicks to egg accessories galore, you're guaranteed to find the perfect project for feelin' extra festive.
They're not cupcakes, they're mini cakes. Which means they're ultra-fancy. And thanks to the magic of Russian piping tips, they're easy enough for beginners to whip up.
Felicity and Krystle
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