Sugar Flowers
You know those cakes covered in beautiful, realistic sugar flowers? Yes, they're amazing. And here's the good news: the techniques needed to create those lifelike blossoms aren't actually so hard.
Making edible sugar flowers is incredibly time-consuming, even if you're the savviest cake pro on the planet. That's why it's so important to know how to store fondant and gum-paste flowers so you can prepare them way ahead of time but keep them looking gorgeous.
Jessie Oleson Moore
If you worry that the warmth of your hands will melt your piped flowers, here's a recipe that will help you keep your cool. It's from Joshua John Russell and it's just the thing for novices — the (sans-butter) buttercream can stand up to higher temperatures, so your flowers stay happy and perky. Let's pipe!
Move beyond buttercream flowers and create lifelike succulents and cacti.
Liz Shim
Liz Shim
Everything you need to start decorating.
Jenny McCoy
Jenny McCoy
Amaze your guests with intricate, elegant buttercream bouquets.
Liz Shim
Liz Shim
Make any flower high fashion, whether it's pre-made or handmade. In your final lesson, Lori shows you how to use sugar lace to create a fantasy flower. And you'll create a dramatic rosette from delicate ruffled fabric.
Channel your inner fabric designer! Lori shows you how to add pattern to your fondant, and you'll whip up an oversized bow that always demands attention.
Learn how to add a dramatic appliqué effect using a traditional brush embroidery technique. Then discover how to accessorize your cakes with molded studs, sugar pearls, gems and more. Lori also shares her final techniques for creating dazzling sugar pearls.
Find out how to make and attach some of fashion's most iconic fabrics, knife pleats, box pleats and ruffles. Lori also shows you how to get the looks you love for less.
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