Learn how to draft your own mermaid tail pattern so you can make the project for any size or age. You'll learn tips and tools for cutting stretch fabrics, discover no-stress sewing techniques and follow along with the basic construction techniques.
Learn basic swimsuit material sewing techniques and general tips for stretch fabrics while creating a fun mermaid tail. Perfect fun project for beginners and advanced sewists alike.
Amanda  Carestio
Amanda Carestio
Fire is the ultimate photo op, as anyone who's ever had a birthday cake with even a single candle on it will tell you.
Laurence Norah
There's little in life that's more satisfying than the crunch of fresh veggies grown right outside your door! Whether you're a gardening newbie or have a seasoned green thumb, raised beds are a great way to make that happen.
Meredith Skyer
Hear that? It's sunshine and fresh air calling your name! And there's no better pair than gorgeous weather and an outdoor yoga sesh. Get ready to "Om" with Mother Nature thanks to these nine expert tips.
Kristen Pope
It’s here! Summer is upon us, bringing picnics, barbecues, lazy dinners outside (in between water gun fights) and infinite inspiration with one simple stroll through the farmers' market. Seasonal summer foods are made for lazy cooks. And while I generally love cooking, I’d rather be outside enjoying the sun this time of year than standing at the hot stove creating elaborate meals.
Ashley Rodriguez
When you think about grilling in the summer, you probably think about meats and veggies. You might be surprised how well some other foods hold up to grilling — and pizza is one of them!
Nicole Weston
Whether you have a bumper crop of button-downs or you've found your favorite one, but it doesn't come in a sleeveless version: this DIY is calling your name. Consider it instant air-conditioning for a basic blouse.
Beth Galvin
Learn to make well-balanced, easy plant-based meals so good you’ll never notice the meat is missing!
Nicki Sizemore
Nicki Sizemore
It's tasty, it's hydrating and it'll send that sweet tooth right back where it came from! As you may have gathered by now, this is our official love letter to watermelon. Sure it's pretty bomb just sliced and chilled, but why stop there? Check out these genius ideas ditch the predictable and put a little more "what?" in your watermelon.
Nicole Weston
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