How to ID a beautiful Irish knit: Aran cables, tweed yarn and all the different shades of green. (OK, green isn't a requirement, but using it means you'll have great St. Patrick's Day attire.) So go on and grab your knitting needles and keep those cable charts close — with these patterns, it's sure to be your lucky day.
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To the untrained eye, the difference between a knitted fabric and a crocheted one may not be super obvious. But to those in the know, knit and crochet are as different as night and day. Or are they? We’ll take a look at some of the common misconceptions about both crafts (does crochet *really* use more yarn?) and help you find reasons to love them both.
No matter how many scarves and cowls you have under your belt, knitting your first sweater can be totally sweat-inducing — especially if the pattern you've chosen is riddled with a gorgeous (and intricate!) embroidery design. But knitting queen Annie Lupton, who teaches Boho Style: Embroidered Sweater, wants you to kick those first-time jitters to the curb. She gave us her best tips for overcoming any hesitations, dished on how she started blurring the lines between crafts, and shared her top secrets for knitting novices who want to begin their love affair with fiber.
Crochet doesn't always get a lot of love when it comes to garments, but we're here to change all that. From cardigans, to vests, and even a baby sweater — don't miss out on making these gorgeous clothes.
So many sweaters, so little time! Whether you're into knitting sweaters that let you kick back and crank out allll the stockinette, or are looking for something that requires a little more concentration, we've got 10 gorgeous patterns to keep your needles busy.
Our favorite kind of sweater is the kind you never want to take off. That's why the Tealeaf is a must make — the shape is easy to wear, but the details make it special. Think lace, pockets, shoulder saddles, and more.
You probably know there's more than one way to knit a sweater: You can knit the pieces flat then seam it together, you can knit in the round, you can work center-out or go sleeve to sleeve...and the list goes on!
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You'd think that leaving a hole in your knitting is the absolute last thing you'd want to do. But actually, that's exactly what a yarn over is — an intentional hole in the middle of all kinds of beautiful knitting to create a lace pattern or an eyelet.
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Positive ease: Sounds like a meditation app, but it's more like a top contender for Best Knitting Term Ever. If you knit, you'll need a solid grasp of positive ease if you want to nail the right fit for your garments. Once you knit up a piece, there's usually no going back (unless you rip it out, of course) so it definitely pays to know all about how fit works before you even get started.
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What the heck is Aran weight yarn? If you knit or crochet, you've probably asked yourself this question. Maybe you've typed it into a search engine; maybe you've asked British friends who knit (yep, they know). Maybe you've just let the Aran mystery live on, assuming you'll solve it someday.
Ashley Little
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