Pumpkin purée is a staple of fall baking and the key to many delicious pumpkin treats. While opting for the canned variety can speed up your baking process, making your own purée from an actual pumpkin can further boost that pumpkin flavor and give you leftover seeds to roast. Here's how to DIY the stuff from scratch; then it's time to start baking!
Nicole Weston
The filling gets all the love, but a pie crust can make or break your dessert. If it's too tough, it just doesn't work with the soft inside. And if it's too chewy, forget it. But nailing the perfect pie crust isn't a huge undertaking — if you follow these steps, you'll crush it every time.
Jessie Oleson Moore
We all love Thanksgiving dinner, but no matter how good it is, eating the same meal for two, three or even four days can be a real drag. This year, use these recipes to transform those leftovers into something entirely new.
The time has finally come to amp up your mac and cheese. And not with traditional ingredients like bread crumbs or even bacon. Instead, give it a seasonal twist by mixing your cheesy noodles with — wait for it — butternut squash. Sure, it may sound like an odd move, but smothering elbow noodles in a cheesy, gourd-y mix actually creates a rich, comforting flavor that's hard to resist. Who knows — it may even make an appearance on the Thanksgiving dinner table.
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This Thanksgiving, avoid that too-full feeling and take a walk on the lighter side. These healthier alternatives to classic side dishes will give you more room in your stomach, so you can make more room on your plate!
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This year, skip the full-blown apple pie and whip up a bite-sized treat for easy serving instead. These mini tarts have the same classic flavor, with some modern flair that makes 'em prime for entertaining your Thanksgiving or Christmas guests.
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When you think about fall desserts, one flavor always comes to mind: pumpkin. And with so many ways to indulge, there's no better time to try out a new recipe. Add these to your holiday menu or make 'em on a random weekend — either way, you'll be set to enjoy the season's best offerings.
There are so many different types of bread, but only one subgroup boasts a nutty, full-bodied flavor packed with nutrients: whole grain. It's exactly how it sounds — the whole kernel of a grain is included (bran, germ and endosperm), and it can be ground or cracked. But no part of the grain is actually extracted or removed, which is why it retains all its nutritional value.
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The key to making a flawless (and stress-free) holiday feast is all in the planning. Essentially, if you can make something ahead of time, you should. And that might mean baking pie crusts for your pumpkin pie a few days in advance.
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Autumnal cooking is all about showcasing squash, and sweet butternut squash is always a go-to. Whether you're making it into a winter soup or going all-out with butternut squash gnocchi, the possibilities for this gourd are endless.
Ashley Rodriguez
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