How do knitting and crochet stitches work up differently in similar applications? Find out as our hosts knit and crochet cute animal toys.
Knitting vs. crochet: What's the difference? And is one better than the other? Find out in this Bluprint original series, where crochet artist Vincent Green-Hite and knit artist Morgan Woltersdorf stitch up the same five projects side by side. Along the way (with a bit of friendly banter), they offer tips and techniques for knitters and knotters of all levels.
Vincent Green-Hite & Morgan Woltersdorf
Vincent Green-Hite & Morgan Woltersdorf
Stuffed animals get even better when you make them yourself. The next time you need a gift for a baby shower or child's birthday, stitch up one of these cuties. And if you have trouble letting go, we get it. Go ahead and just make two.
Amigurumi is it's own special beast, for sure, but it doesn't have to be hard. Keep these tips in mind when you're starting out, and you'll be crocheting all the cuteness in no time.
Ashley Little
Drawn-on eyes can make a doll look super cute, but taking the time to hand-embroider those peepers will give her (or him!) a LOT more personality, plus a more cohesive look.
Marna Lunt
Stuffed animals are always adorable. Sara shows how easy it can be to create your own stuffed animals in the hoop.
Crocheting amigurumi — those cute little dolls, animals and monsters — can be complicated. But these tips and hacks make it way easier! Use 'em and you'll be an amigurumi artist in no time.
Dedri Uys
Get creative with Jeremy Helgeson as he attempts to build something three different ways out of three different materials. Using Minecraft, LEGO, Toca Blocks, Roblox, Styrofoam, clay, popsicle sticks and cardboard, Jeremy uses his imagination to build the coolest projects you've seen.
Jeremy Helgeson
Jeremy Helgeson
Finish class by learning how to doll up Delilah's hair. Stacey will show you three different ways to add hair by sewing, embroidering and using fringe. Then, see how to customize it for color, texture and style.
Meet Stacey Trock and start by learning about kawaii amigurumi and how to choose the best yarn and tools for your projects. Then, get tips for working a magic ring, adding craft eyes and reading Japanese charts. Begin working your first project in spiral rounds to practice the basics of starting and stuffing.
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