The world of Instagram is filled with cool artists pushing the limits of fashion and photography. But throw Barbies into the mix — you read that right — and you’ve got something truly original. On the heels of the release of Welcome to Marwen, where Steve Carell plays an artist who creates a miniature scenes as he recovers from a brain injury, doll-vignette photography is claiming the spotlight. These five artists will show you why.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
No one's surprised that hand lettering and hand stitching are instant BFFs, right? Beautiful, swirling script accented with neat, textural stitching just makes sense.
Sara Barnes
Embroidery just keeps getting cooler. First, 3-D embroidery was giving us major Insta-envy, but now we're heart eyes all the way for this latest trend: sheer embroidery. Not familiar? Sheer embroidery leans into see-through fabrics, such as tulle, organza, and silk to create stunning embroidery designs that seem to be floating on glass.
Lindsay Conner
It's official: we're trading in our paintbrushes for pastry. It turns out pie is the perfect canvas for every creative whim.
Lindsay Conner
For many knitters, myself included, the New York Sheep and Wool festival (lovingly referred to as Rhinebeck) is the stuff of dreams: for one glorious weekend, knitters gather in upstate New York for a fall festival celebrating all things sheep and wool. It’s sweater weather, and there are apple cider donuts. It’s like knitting nirvana.
Flowers in the hair: check! Flowers on the tables: check! But isn’t there more we can do? If you’re asking us — and we sure hope you are — the world needs way more wedding flowers. So deck the walls, hang them from the ceiling and pop them on your pets! Let’s find some new ways to infuse the joy that only those beautiful blossoms can bring.
Alexis Methven
You know the scene: Another wedding’s winding to a close. You’ve probably spent the night dancing (or hugging a safe corner of the room), indulging and gushing over the fabulous couple. There’s just one thing left to do: gobble down dessert. And — if you’re anything like us — you're kinda bored of cake.
Alexis Methven
Not even super-busy celebs can say no to knitting. These stars have been known to pick up their needles on set, and a few have even spread their love of knitting to their co-stars.
Ashley Little
Ceilings are getting some serious design love these days! Abandoning boring-old-white, homeowners are going big and bold with this so-called “fifth wall.” (Pinterest even named “statement ceilings” one of their home trends to watch for this year, since saves are up over 310%.) Just look up and you might see crazy-cool wallpaper, a surprising pop of color or even beams installed in an interesting pattern. We asked the pros for their dos and don’ts on this trend, so check out their tips before you climb up that ladder.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
With knitting, as with fashion, everything old is new again. And as fall sweater season rolls in on a wave of apple cider and crunching leaves, we're seeing a classic style take center stage: the yoke sweater. This cozy icon traces its roots to Swedish, Icelandic and Shetland knitting traditions, with each culture offering its own unique version.
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