Flowers in the hair: check! Flowers on the tables: check! But isn’t there more we can do? If you’re asking us — and we sure hope you are — the world needs way more wedding flowers. So deck the walls, hang them from the ceiling and pop them on your pets! Let’s find some new ways to infuse the joy that only those beautiful blossoms can bring.
by Alexis Methven
You know the scene: Another wedding’s winding to a close. You’ve probably spent the night dancing (or hugging a safe corner of the room), indulging and gushing over the fabulous couple. There’s just one thing left to do: gobble down dessert. And — if you’re anything like us — you're kinda bored of cake.
by Alexis Methven
Not even super-busy celebs can say no to knitting. These stars have been known to pick up their needles on set, and a few have even spread their love of knitting to their co-stars.
by Ashley Little
Ceilings are getting some serious design love these days! Abandoning boring-old-white, homeowners are going big and bold with this so-called “fifth wall.” (Pinterest even named “statement ceilings” one of their home trends to watch for this year, since saves are up over 310%.) Just look up and you might see crazy-cool wallpaper, a surprising pop of color or even beams installed in an interesting pattern. We asked the pros for their dos and don’ts on this trend, so check out their tips before you climb up that ladder.
by Liz Callahan Schnabolk
With knitting, as with fashion, everything old is new again. And as fall sweater season rolls in on a wave of apple cider and crunching leaves, we're seeing a classic style take center stage: the yoke sweater. This cozy icon traces its roots to Swedish, Icelandic and Shetland knitting traditions, with each culture offering its own unique version.
You may have heard of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics by fusing the shattered pieces together with molten gold. But have you seen that same idea on a cake?
by Felicity and Krystle
Old-world hand crafting comes naturally to Anna Warren and Sarah Kirkham, whose brand, Tactile Craftworks, is known for gorgeously embossed and tooled leather pieces. But you might be surprised to learn that digital technology is essential to everything they do and make. Working with the Dremel DigiLab digital laser-cutting tool, the pair has found a sweet spot between handcraft and high-tech — and built a successful business in the process.
by Bluprint
Hand embroidery brings a personal touch to just about any project — from a quilt tag to a favorite quote. But hand embroidering letters can feel mighty intimidating, especially when it comes to the curves of each character. We'll help.
by Kristen Valencia
You know those super-stylish letter and number cakes that have been ALL OVER Instagram this year? You might be surprised to learn that you can make your own without a lot of fancy decorating skills. All it takes is some basic equipment, pretty stuff to pile on top, and plenty of creativity. Read on and prepare to score a perfect 10!
by Felicity and Krystle
Instagram is the place for embroiderers to show off their creations, and we can't get enough. From stunning hoop art crafted in the satin stitch to oh-so-fancy beading, you'll find loads of inspiration for your own embroidery (or at the very least, a daily dose of eye candy) when you follow these artists.
by Sara Barnes
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