Crochet doesn't always get a lot of love when it comes to garments, but we're here to change all that. From cardigans, to vests, and even a baby sweater — don't miss out on making these gorgeous clothes.
Raffia yarn plus Tunisian crochet may just be our favorite summer combo. This go-to clutch is lightweight (thanks, raffia!), but can also hold all the essentials for a night on the town. Make one to go with every outfit, because of course you should.
Beanie and cloche and beret — oh, my! We've got all the hats for you to crochet. And even the ones the look a little complicated (oh hey there, Fair Isle Hat), use only basic stitches. So you can make all of 'em — promise!
Ah, Tunisian crochet. Part knit, part crochet and endlessly versatile. It's no wonder we're obsessed.
Ashley Little
When it comes to learning Tunisian crochet, the simple stitch and knit stitch get all the attention. But without the purl stitch, those two stitches would get pretty lonely pretty quickly.
You've been getting to know Tunisian crochet and you're starting to fall hard, but you're not quite ready to commit. You need a little more time before you can be sure, though things definitely look promising.
Kathryn Vercillo
With just a handful of basic Tunisian crochet stitches in your arsenal, you can create gorgeous, texture-rich stitch patterns. From 2 x 2 ribbing (yeah, you can crochet ribbing!), to the delicious honeycomb and faux-woven basket weave stitch, there's enough here to keep your hook moving for a long time. Try any of these stitch patterns in your next crochet project — bags, scarves, and cowls all make the perfect canvas for a little something extra.
Tunisian crochet is Instagram famous, and it's about time. Who can resist the stunning, timeless chic of all those textured scarves, sweaters and handbags?
Ashley Little
It's no secret that we're kind of obsessed with Tunisian crochet (a little bit knit, a little bit crochet — what's not to love?!).
If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly Tunisian crochet pattern, this is a great one! The pattern uses the Tunisian simple stitch, which is easy enough for newbies. The stitch is different than traditional knit and crochet stitches — it creates a dense but flexible weave. Stitch it up with wool for a cozy winter accessory, or give cotton yarn a try for a warm-weather version.
Toni Lipsey
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